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War For Cybertron Storyline Behind the Scenes

Posted by:
TriPredRavage at 2010-05-13 5:42 pm
Hey crew!  As we all know by now, War for Cybertron is going to be featuring an awesome storyline chronicling the beginning of the Great War.  Now you can go behind the scenes for a little bit more of an in depth look for the storyline of WfC at Gametrialers!  Check it out!

Sidewinder said,  - 2010-05-13 22:07:41
Back story? Character development?! I'm in!
Sabrblade said,  - 2010-05-13 22:43:15
The way they speak of these characters seems like they have complete and utter disgard of the fact that there are more than one Optimus, Megatron, Bumblebee, etc. in the TF lore.

All fanon beliefs aside, there are officially multiple versions of these characters residing in various universes, with at least 75,890,008 known realities, all existing within the Multi-Verse of Eternity.
Sidewinder said,  - 2010-05-14 00:00:37
I think what they are trying to do is boil it back to the basics of G1. It seems to me that you don't have to be familiar with any of the iterations of these characters to have fun with this game. Despite the number of times the story has been told and retold, you never really get into the back story. We always begin enroute to earth with the war already in full swing and these characters already working together. And from there, the characters rarely, if ever, evolve from the starting point. I think TFA was one of the few times since Beast Wars/Machines that the characters were actually in a different emotional and mental state by the end of the series, that the characters actually grew and explored new ideas.
TriPredRavage said,  - 2010-05-14 06:36:09
75,890,008 known Universes to whom? Us? Or the TransTech universe?
Sabrblade said,  - 2010-05-14 09:41:04
No, not TransTech. The Armada Dreamwave comic story arc titled "Worlds Collide" had Armada Optimus go missing, ending up in another universe. When his Autobots are looking for him, 75,890,007 realities of the multiverse (aside from their own) are scanned during their search, confirming their existance. BUT, Astroscope of the Space Mini-Con Team claims that there are even more than that: an infinite number of realities existing in the multiverse.

Though, it was TransTech that revisited the "large numbers" concept with their Universal Streams concept. 15,962,782 streams have been documented, but 1,176,325 of those have "come to termination". This number in relation to Armada's comic means that the TransTechs still have yet to catalog at least 59,927,225 realities. But, another claim that was similar to Astroscope's claim was made by Bug Bite, in which he stated that there are fifteen quadrillion concurrent realities.

The Alternity also deal with Universal Streams in the same manner as the TransTechs, but they haven't mentioned any large numbers yet.
TriPredRavage said,  - 2010-05-14 12:13:10
...yeah, so... we really only know about twenty then. Just because they read off some number like that doesn't mean that there are actually that many realities known and developed. I'm not saying that WfC isn't one of them, as to me it doesn't look like it's really tied to any universe in specific, yet, but there aren't that many realities. There are in the fiction, there aren't in real life.

And I read that Armada comic. It was really good. I loved the Big Convoy cameo.
Sabrblade said,  - 2010-05-14 17:09:51
When I said known, I meant "known to the characters", not "known to us or the writers". ;)
TriPredRavage said,  - 2010-05-14 17:32:42
Okay, good, I had to make sure that you didn't have some inside info the rest of us were missing. XD
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