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Botcon News Round-Up

Posted by:
Perceptor at 2010-07-04 12:40 am
While this year's Botcon boxed set  was sold out before the show began, one of the most humorous 'Spanglish' speaking characters: Rapido and the colorful Cindersaur are still available online through the club store.  Read Rapido's tech spec translated to English here.

Last but not least, in very uncharacteristic fashion, already has a new frontpage up advertising next years convention, including date: June 2-5, and location: Pasadena, CA!  Hope to see you there!

--stay tuned.  Our coverage of the event is actually not over yet.  We've got more photos and panel notes to come.

Black Starscream said,  - 2010-07-21 18:46:43
Its really sad that this set didn't sell out. I didn't get to go to the con this year so I got it off Ebay before the thing went on TFclub store along with Slice and the Double Punch Scorch set and I instantly fell in love with both figures. Being the first version of the 10th aniversary Megatron mold I got, both the mold and the colors fascinated me. And the universe Smokescreen/Streak mold I already loved (I only previously had both versions of Prowl) and seeing the figure with an awesome new (properly sized) head and a neat deco, with the launchers even being painted silver, somwhat like the henkei version. Overall I'd say this was one of the best botcon sets to get, and they seem to be the only figures not from the boxed set with actual G2 insignias (specifically for them these were their only insignias). Really surprised these didn't finish selling at the show
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