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TFA Prowl Elite Guard Version, Dreadwing & Smokescreen, and God Primus

Posted by:
Sabrblade at 2010-06-23 8:30 am
2010 is a good year. BotCon 2010, War For Cybetron, Transformers: Prime, Generations, Power Core Combiners, Transformers (2010 toyline - including Hunt For the Decepticons), and Masterpiece Grimlock are all evidence of this. However, 2010 seems to be the gift that just keeps on giving.

As it has been stated, TakaraTomy is also celebrating this year with their 2010 campaign featuring new exclusives like MP-03G Starscream Ghost Version, MP-04S Convoy Sleep Mode, TFA "Sons of Cybertron" clear 2-pack of Deluxes Optimus and Rodimus, and of course, G1/2010 Unicron.

And now, more exclusive awesomeness has been revealed at TFW2005.

Available from the International Tokyo Toy Show are three new redecoed figures. One is Prowl Elite Guard Version. A redeco of Animated Deluxe Prowl, this figure sports a color scheme that is a homage to that of Generation 1 Prowl, consisting of a mostly white body with some blacks and reds, yet still retaining all of his gold paint apps.

The other two are the duo of ROTF Mindwipe and Skystalker redecoed as G2 Dreadwing and Smokescreen. The timing of this redeco couldn't be more perfect, what with the Generation 2-themed BotCon just around the corner. These would make decent additions to the G2: Redux figures.

Finally, the icing on the cake has arrived. In an attempt to counterpart the 2010 Edition of Unicron, TakaraTomy brings forward God Primus 2010 Edition!!! A redeco of the Cybertron Primus figure, this Primus features a more metallic silver look for its Planet Cybertron Mode, and a familiar blue color scheme for its Robot Mode, evoking the similarily-blue color scheme of the Cybertron Primus' figure's Robot Mode.

And here's the gimmick! When one purchases both the new Unicron and the new Primus figures, their packagings combine together to make one complete box art!

To see the images of these figures, Click here for Prowl, Dreadwing, and Smokescreen; and here for God Primus.

Buccinator said,  - 2010-06-23 10:21:36
Elite guard prowl? SWEET! Just like Derrick Wyatt's original concept for the character, w/ more G1-prowl-like coloring. Me WANT!
DocWho said,  - 2010-06-23 11:04:10
Man, I really wish I had the money for Primus and Unicron, but I already have one version of the mold each, and I think one is enough in their case. Buying a second isn't really worth it.
TriPredRavage said,  - 2010-06-23 11:57:12
I'm with you DocWho. Though, I do think the new Unicron looks a bit better, but the God Primus is a little weak. They're both kinda bland. Can we get Beast Wars Neo Unicron now? We've waited a decade... >.>
Sabrblade. said,  - 2010-06-23 12:10:44
What turns me off on Primus are his blue missiles in Planet Mode. Though, if I were to get it, a quick missile swap with the Cybertron version would be an easy fix.
lioconvoy said,  - 2010-06-23 13:43:26
interesting. the prowl is what i want most.
the g2 caricter redecos sound interesting but i don't think i will get them.
as for god primus he looks ok but i'm not sure about getting another primus. and again the unicron. i would like him but i already have the armarda unicron.

but 2010 is a brilliant year for us transfans
some a$$HOLE said,  - 2010-06-24 00:05:00
samtheweebo said,  - 2010-06-24 18:34:09
I think I prefer the regular primus over the god primus. The blue fists and guns sticking out of the planet mode just look awful, and the lack of contrasting colors in either mode make it look too plain. I was all for reducing the blue on the planet mode of primus, but at least use some different shades of metallic grey and throw in some other colors here and there!
TheMax said,  - 2010-06-25 18:42:12
hmmmmm unicron and primus are both tempting i dont have primus but i have armada unicron but he's a liitle broken... his chest missle launcher doesn't stay shut and his leg is loose so im thinking 'bout getting both.
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