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Transformers: United - toy & packaging images

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Sabrblade at 2010-09-22 12:32 pm
Following up on the previous information we heard about, regarding the Japanese equivalent of the Generations line called "Transformers: United", we have located the first images of the figures and packaging artwork for this toyline.

TFW2005 has images of the United versions of all ten figures mentioned before (including Cliffjumper). The recognizable difference between these and their Generations counterparts are that the four "Cybertron Mode" figures have a metallic finish to their paint schemes (similar to the Japanese Animated figures), while Drift and Straxus look to be about the same as their U.S. figures.

As a bonus to this line, Henkei Bumble(bee) and Henkei Megatron are getting rereleased in this line, minus the chrome they had before, but with some additional/different paint applications to make them look different, but still kinda similar to their first releases. Also of note is that, like the Cybertron Mode figures, they both feature a metallic paint finish.

Instead of Henkei Convoy, however, the additional Optimus Prime is his Deluxe class figure mold that came in the Classics 2-pack "The Ultimate Battle", which was later used as a Special Edition figure in the Universe line, and then again as part of the recent TakaraTomy 2010 "Sons of Cybertron" 2-pack. Like everyone else in this line (except for Drift and Straxus), he's got metallic paint too.

Aside from the figures themselves, has gotten its hands on a photo of what appears to be the packaging artwork for the United figures. It's a simple scene of the Deluxe Optimus and the Voyager Megatron figures' heads eyeing each other in anger (or maybe disgust), with a big "Micheal Baysplosion" happening in the background. At the top of the packaging is the "Technical Point", or difficultly level, of the figure. And given the number "UN-01" in the top left corner, this would appear to be the packaging for the Optimus Prime Cybertron Mode figure.

HolyGrail said,  - 2010-09-22 19:06:58
Cliffjumper looks great - amazing what a splash of paint and a new head can do for a mold. Drift looks practically identical...
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