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Official images of 2010 G1 Unicron - Planet Mode and Features

Posted by:
Sabrblade at 2010-05-24 9:24 am
It seems that the legendary Chaos Bringer is here to stay for 2010 as more and more images & information regarding the new G1 redecoed/remolded figure of Unicron keep pouring in. And this time, we've got the first large and official images of the figure, showing off its Robot Mode, Planet Mode, and special features & gimmicks. All located at TakaraTomy's 2010 campaign website.

Since it's been seen before, let's start with the Robot Mode to get it out of the way. The Robot Mode is colored in a beautifully G1-accurate color scheme of orange, dark gray and light gray/white, with some black included in. The arms, horns, upper torso, inner chest panels, shoulders, lower torso, "ring wings", and helmet all are done in bright orange. The lower legs, leg planet kibble, waist, planet shells, and several details are all done in dark gray. And the feet, left fist, waist panels, outer chest panels, and face are all done in light gray or white. The knees and certain details are black.

Let's move on to the newer revelations, starting with the Planet Mode. Just as the Robot Mode was beautifully colored in G1 colors, the Planet Mode follows the same suit. The shell being in a dark gray looks almost blue, further cementing its resemblance to Unicron's planet mode seen in the 1986 G1 movie. The rings done in orange looks almost golden. And the center "mouth" of the beast features orange "teeth" and an orange border around the frightening abyss of of the beast's "mouth".

Now for the features and gimmicks. These can be accessed and view by pressing four buttons on the page. The top button reveals a good close up of Unicron's all new headsculpt. If chaos and evil from a children's cartoon could be put into an art form, this would be its face. Heavily drawing inspiration from the 1986 G1 movie, this new head gives Unicron his classic and iconic horned & mustached noggin from the days of G1, though in a lot more familiar design than the Armada head was.

The bottom-left button shows his torso missile-firing gimmick. This feature is carried over from its Armada/Energon days, but is not without its differences. The missile comes in the same orange as the body, while its three shells are done in dark gray. The rest of the inner details remain unchanged from the Armada version of the figure (but not the Energon, which had mostly purple details and a whilte cannon), sporting gold and red mech details with a black cannon. While this may seem a little lazy cost-cutting, it actually helps make some consistency that this is the same Unicron of Armada, as Unicron is a Multiversal Singularity: a single being that exists in all realities of the Transformers fiction.

The bottom-right button shows off his fist-glowing gimmick in his right hand. Also carried over from its Armada days, noting seems changed in regards to this feature. Except that the LED color seems different now, as it appears to glow in a pinkish/purple instead of red.

The far right corner of the page features one more button with one more addition to the figure: the Micron (Mini-Con in the West). Despite this figure's intent on being the G1 iteration of the character, it still comes with his Micron/Mini-Con figure, named Bug (which was Armada/Energon Dead End's Japanese name to begin with). Redecoed from Armada Dead End, Bug comes in a dark gray and orange coloration with a gold Robot Mode face, looking not too dissimilar from the Galaxy Force Micron Booster Bug General figure (like how the Armada Dead End figure resembled the later-released GF Micron Booster Bug Drone figure). The button in this part of the page shows Bug attached to Unicron's right leg firing off his three leg missiles, which are now orange instead of yellow.

Overall, this Unicron looks to be a fantastic accomplishment of taking an already G1-inspired figure and turning it into something far more accurate and beautiful.

lioconvoy said,  - 2010-05-24 12:43:38
hmm i think i may get this beauty of a figure. the face is just so cool. the colouration is pritty kick ass as well. it would have been nice if they could have included a new gimic of some sort however but i'm not complaining
Perceptor said,  - 2010-05-24 19:49:41
I cannot get enough of seeing this amazing figure... Hurray for Takara!
Megatron said,  - 2010-05-24 21:43:13
The head is completely different than the Armada series WOW! Good job Takara.
mightwork said,  - 2010-05-25 05:19:27
Just my luck! When I finally get my hands on an armada unicron (thank you eBay) takara makes a better one!
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