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New TF: United e-Hobby three-packs

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Sabrblade at 2010-11-22 5:27 pm
It seems that Japanese retailer e-Hobby is at it again with their exclusive Transformers figures. This time however ,they are producing not one, not two, but three exclusives for the Transformers: United line. Not to mention that each of these is a set of three figures, totaling out to nine figures in all.

The first three-pack consists of redecos of the following molds: Universe Galvatron, Universe Cyclonus, and Generations Scourge. Each of these will receive color schemes that are faithful to their G1 cartoon animation models.

The second three-pack includes these molds: Classics Rodimus, Generations Sergeant Kup, and Reveal the Shield Wreck-Gar. Each will also receive show-accurate paint jobs, but the Wreck-Gar mold will also receive some extra special treatment. He will not be released as the Wreck-Gar character. Instead, he will be getting a new headsculpt and will be released as a different G1 Junkion warrior named Scrapheap.

The third three-pack also contains redecos, but not of full-sized figures. Mini-Cons Chainclaw, Airlift, and Caliburst of the Power Core Combiners line will be the redecoed molds in this set. This makes these three out to be the first  PCC products to see a Japanese release. To compensate for the lack of their larger partner figures, these three are being marketed as Targetmasters. has addtional teaser images of these sets.

lioconvoy said,  - 2010-11-23 04:11:30
as for the first set pritty sweet and i may pick one up if i don't get scourge before then.

the second is again interesting and i may have to pick it up. you can never have too menny rodimus molds :p
as for the third, interesting but they can only be used if the tf they are target masters for actually have minicon ports.
i'm personally not interested in the third set as the pcc are meant to be pcc lol
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