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Images of BotCon Sky-Byte and Sharkticon/Gnaw

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Sabrblade at 2010-05-06 1:24 am
With all the hype of BotCon 2010's happening about, several reportings of new exclusive figures have been coming in left and right. Before, the brochure of the event revealed to us that the theme of this year's BotCon would be Generation 2, and the five-figure exclusive box set would be called Generation 2 - Redux!

Within the confinements of this set are the Autobots Spark and Streetstar, the Decepticons Clench and Breakdown, and finally, the Predacon known as Sky-Byte. The first four have all been revealed to be redecos (and some remolds) of Inferno, Prowl, Onslaught, and Sunstreaker/Sideswipe from the 2008 Universe toyline. And now comes the revelation of the last figure of the set. Behold, the new version of Sky-Byte!

An auction at reveals that Sky-Byte will be a redeco of Energon Sharkicon with a new, remolded headsculpt. The colors match very nicely to those of the RiD Sky-Byte figure, and almost seem like a perfect paint job, as though this figure was made to be in Sky-Byte's color scheme!

For those of you who are wondering why exactly a figure based on a Robots In Disguise character is being included in a Generation 2-themed set, it is because that 2010 is also the 10th Anniversary of RiD (even though it didn't air in English until 2001, the line began in Japan in 2000 as Transformers: Car Robots), and this is one way to honor its memory.

But, in additon to Sky-Byte, another auction at Taobao reveals another BotCon redecoed BotCon figure that pays homage to the G1 Sharkticon (or Gnaw) figure. Some of you may recall that BotCon 2009 had a three-pack of army-building figures in the form of the Sweeps, along with a Scourge figure. And BotCon 2005 had the Virulent Clones two-pack along with figures of Buzzclaw and Dirge. Well, it would seem that the these new Sharkticons will be the army builders of this year's convention, with Sky-Byte being the leader figure.

However, do keep in mind that both figures seem to be mistransformed in their altmode images, as their "shark tails" are split apart and postioned above the body in some sci-fi spaceship-esque form, and Sky-byte's right shoulder isn't fully connected to the torso in Robot Mode.

Sky-Byte's in G2?
He's a dimension-hopper?
Or a new namesake?

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