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Be Excited! "Animated" Transformers are Coming!

Posted by:
Perceptor at 2007-12-14 4:40 pm   (site update)
A fantastic surprise awaited me as I returned to the corporate offices of this afternoon, a double DVD set from the PR Dept. of CartoonNetwork!  Check out sweet new publicity stills, screen captures and written character bio/description of: 

OPTIMUS PRIME robot mode, in truck mode, and Promo:
(Voiced by David Kaye) A young (by Cybertronian standards) commander of a ragtag and largely inexperienced group of misfit AUTOBOTS.  He’s a born leader, a natural tactician, a dedicated never-say-die fighter and a master of improvisation in the face of adversity.  Unassuming, humble, friendly and cheerful, Prime comes across as “The Bot Next Door.”  He takes his mission and his men with the utmost seriousness, but is still able to relate to them as a regular guy.  He’s not the kind of leader who needs to bark orders to command respect (besides, he’s got RATCHET to do that for him).

Robot Mode Power: OPTIMUS PRIME has the ability to change any part of his robotic body into a tool or gadget.  His arsenal includes a jet-powered axe, grappler and fire extinguisher.

Vehicle Mode Appearance: Fire Truck.

BUMBLEBEE in robot mod and auto mode:
(Voiced by Bumper Robinson) The “kid” of the team, easily the youngest and the least mature of the AUTOBOTS.  He’s over-eager, over-confident and constantly overcompensating for his diminutive stature.  Fast-talking, wise-cracking, scheming and hyperactive, BUMBLEBEE is not nearly as cool as he imagines himself to be.  Then again, nobody could possibly be as cool as BUMBLEBEE imagines himself to be.  He’s a total showoff, always acting on impulse and rarely considering the consequences.  And he’s always getting in way over his head, although most things are way over his head.  But don’t mention that to BUMBLEBEE; he’s very sensitive about his height.

Robot Mode Power: BUMBLEBEE can create electric force “stings,” allowing him to stun enemies or blast his way through whatever’s in his path.  He’s also the fastest of the AUTOBOTS, in both vehicle and robot mode.

Vehicle Mode Appearance: Compact Police Detective’s Car.

BULKHEAD: (Voiced by Bill Fagerbakke)
Every team needs its “muscle” and BULKHEAD is it.  Designed primarily for demolition, BULKHEAD is a bull in a china shop, whether he wants to be or not.  In battle, he’s your greatest weapon.  Everywhere else… well, hide the breakables.  He’s not overly clumsy, but he’s like a big overly enthusiastic dog who doesn’t know his own size or strength.  BULKHEAD has a natural curiosity about humans and their culture.  He’s especially interested in art, something that doesn’t exist on Cybertron.  On some level the creative urge is an attempt to compensate for all the destruction—deliberate or inadvertent – that he causes.  Problem is, most of his “creations” either fall apart, don’t look a thing like what he says they are, or are just plain ugly.  Not that anyone would ever tell BULKHEAD that to his face.

Robot Mode Power: BULKHEAD is easily the strongest of the AUTOBOTS.  That combined with battering ram arms make him the ultimate “Demolition Bot.”

Vehicle Mode Appearance: S.W.A.T. Assault Vehicle.

Also, check out these very cool (not-spoiler) publicity shots and desktop wallpapers: Autobot promo1, Autobot Promo2Optimus & Bumblebee and another  Autobot group shot

Click HERE for part 2 featuring Ratchet and Prowl.
Click HERE for part 3 featuring Megatron, Starscream and Lugnut.
Click HERE for part 4 featuring Blackarachnia, Blitzwing and Lockdown.

Byrer prime said,  - 2007-12-14 17:13:30
Optimus Prime is Optimus Primal
Bumblebee is Cheetor
Bulkhead is Dinobot
Ratchet is Rhinox
Prowl is Rattrap

Sounds perfect to me. Beast Wars characterization with G1 flavor and no annoying kids, Sari (pun intended).
Menastator said,  - 2007-12-14 17:31:51
I think Lugnut looks like BM Tankor in bot mode
Sabrblade said,  - 2007-12-14 17:32:49
Rhinox was a genius, and Bulkhead well...
Prowl is more of a silent Dinobot.
Ratchet is Kup (couldn't think of anyone else)
No one is Rattrap

At last some decent pics of BA (who looks very evil), Lugnut (who looks like something out of Ben 10), pre-Earth Megatron (love those two pics), and those humans. Sari looks kinda creepy in that pic. But overall, I can't wait for this series to air.
Jumpercliff said,  - 2007-12-14 18:16:57
Nice stills!
Human Error said,  - 2007-12-14 20:29:26
Well well, this is a nice little surprise to come here and see while im taking a break from the PSP!
Sabrblade said,  - 2007-12-14 21:28:42
Can you prove any of this?
Starscream said,  - 2007-12-15 09:39:33
Cool Article! I just wish you'd do something on us...
But anyway,I stil think it's neat. (Don't tell Megatron)
swarlock said,  - 2007-12-15 09:55:08
Interesting lineup for The Bots.
luketroop said,  - 2007-12-15 14:39:14
I think that tne drawing is bad, but I thought that Starscream's perconality gave me the feeling that it is going to be two thubs up for the Decepticons (as usual).
Luketroop said,  - 2007-12-15 14:40:50
Also, those picks of the humans looked bad.:-(
Wouldntulike2know said,  - 2007-12-16 11:10:38
Whats With This New Character? Name him like Hound or Maybe Ironhide! But Bulkhead? BULKHEAD???? I mean That kind of name belongs to a Decepticon!!!!
ATUOBOT101 said,  - 2007-12-16 11:44:49
I think this show is going to be a big hit! I cant wait to watch it :)
Wouldntulike2know said,  - 2007-12-16 15:15:41
Same here with ATUOBOT101's comment
ATOBOT101 said,  - 2007-12-17 15:23:17
Wouldntulike2know said,  - 2007-12-18 17:40:25
ur welcome im a Transformers Fangirl
Slashwing said,  - 2007-12-21 09:29:28
so you´re Fanette at I thought you were a myth
Wouldntulike2know said,  - 2007-12-25 21:16:16
Fanette? I like it! Oh and btw ANYONE can be a fan. I know plenty of fans that are girls!!! I know more than girls than boys that like TF!!!! :-P And ive never been on the site u mentioned
Wouldntulike2no said,  - 2007-12-25 21:18:10
Oh! I checked the website out. How CUTE!!!! Ive seen them before on
dr-fan/mai-lover said,  - 2008-01-06 18:48:56
bervo ive seean-it is-it-me dos sari,s father-in youh look wade-lords-form-the-kimposslibe-univse sari is the keep-of key-of-aill-sarpk
Wouldntulike2know said,  - 2008-01-06 19:55:02
I cant understand a word u sayin'
All sparkey said,  - 2008-01-12 10:12:34 is the funniest site. i have alll of his comics on my computer. He's on his name is matt if you don't know already.
Wouldntulike2no said,  - 2008-01-22 20:01:08
I know thx
jeff said,  - 2008-10-18 08:38:18
i luv bumblebee and sari there both addorable and cute
kent said,  - 2008-11-09 03:34:47
yow yow yow this is me kent your movie is so great and sweet like cookie!
kent said,  - 2008-11-09 03:36:23
i like iron hide he is so cool he have cannons and missiles and gatling gun he can defeat devostator
AUTOBOT FANGIRL said,  - 2009-01-02 15:05:53
Bumblebee + Transformers Animated = Twice the Fun, Hilarity, Awesomeness, and being Adorable and Cute!!! ^_^ <3 XD
XZXFZSF said,  - 2009-03-04 10:14:57
Bumblebee lover 101 said,  - 2009-03-05 20:32:03
The Nik said,  - 2009-03-07 02:26:13
I watched it its cool
stink man said,  - 2009-09-16 16:35:48
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii lllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee trasfomers rok
bb2 said,  - 2010-01-09 22:14:13
i heart bumblebee and the autobots
Jonathan Mixon said,  - 2010-04-07 19:20:54
I like TRANSFORMERS MOVIES because it's COOL I think OK bye-bye.
patrick4182 said,  - 2010-04-07 19:25:01
TRANSFORFORMERS:The Movie is AWSOME and i had it on DVD.that'sit.BYE!
meilssa said,  - 2010-09-25 17:09:46
melissa 18 said,  - 2010-09-25 17:10:37
hello said,  - 2010-09-25 22:20:43
hi my name is melissa and im autistic so my mom is writting this for me....i love transformer bumblebee...i would love a responce my moms e-mail is carole1972 @live .ca please and thank u love melissa stevens
melissa 18 said,  - 2010-09-25 22:22:32
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