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Henkei Thundercracker KO Comparison

Posted by:
HolyGrail at 2010-11-10 5:45 pm
Noticed that there's some suspiciously cheap Henkei Thundercrackers going on eBay and other stores lately? Well as you may have heard there is a new Knock-Off doing the rounds and it's none other than the elusive last seeker needed to complete your "Classics" Seekers set. But is it any good?

Seibertron member G1Sizzle has both the original and the OK in hand and provided a very comprehensive comparison of both including how to tell them apart. For those wanting to complete the Seekers set without burning a hole in their wallet, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the results...

Sabrblade said,  - 2010-11-10 18:23:52
Now, if only I could find that KO locally. It's rare that I actually find a KO worth picking up (I already own a few, but for good reason).
lioconvoy said,  - 2010-11-11 10:08:28
now i am not a fan of kos at all but this thundercracker interests me if i can find him i will have to get him.
if anyone can prove me rong about kos then please do lol but as i say i have never come across a single one i liked untill tc
Black Starscream said,  - 2010-11-11 15:15:03
This KO is so good I'm almost thinking its not worth getting. The fun thing about some KOs is that they put a spin on figures in terms of their decos. Before Henkei was even out there was a KO classics Megatron in proper colors. As for TC I've seen a KO of him that mimics classics Skywarp, making for a good SW and TC pair. To be honest though I haven't seen this particular one around. In fact whenever I go on ebay I hardly get any results for henkei TC
Say, is it likely to see one of these TC's in the actual Henkei packaging? Because that really would be a reason for caution!
lioconvoy said,  - 2010-11-11 15:29:41
is it at all possible that they arn't actual kos but rather factory rejects for qc? i can think of menny reasons why my idea is incorect but its worth throwing it out there.

sabrblade would you mind saying what kos you have and for what reason? after this tc i am seriously considering them as cheep alternatives to stupidly expensive figures
Sabrblade said,  - 2010-11-11 15:44:18
Well, I own a KO G1 Defensor and and a KO G1 Devastator because... as a kid I recognized the molds and wasn't too keen on the concept of KOs then.

But the KOs I bought after knowing what KOs were are two KOs of the BW TM2 dragon Megatron figure. One in red and one in gray. I bought the red one because the wings on my real figure had broke (krazy glue simply refused to hold over time) and so I swapped the undamaged (and more show-accurate) wings of the KO with those of the orignal to my my figure. As for the gray one, I never got Cryotek, so the gray one is a stand-in for him.

Such KOs can be found in stores like Big Lots, Family Dollar, and the like. I've also seen KOs of certain RobotMasters figures and other non-TF robot toys (like Magiranger mecha and Brave Series mecha).
lioconvoy said,  - 2010-11-11 18:09:16
could be worthwhile then. i want to own a starsaber and victory leo but i don't have the funds to get them *sigh*
only versions i have are the rivoltec versions. still combine but i wouldn't call them transformers they are glorifyed action masters.

this tc though just looks amazing and it looks to be solid even mor so than the other seekers
Sabrblade said,  - 2010-11-11 19:19:16
I've seen KOs of RM Star Saber and Victory Leo at Family Dollar. But, their new decals and lack of paint apps made them look too ugly for me to want them. Not to mention that the plastic looked very fragile.
Black Starscream said,  - 2010-11-11 20:18:56
Alot of KO's have really cheap plastic. But if you're just looking for the mold then its still worth it. I found like four combiner KO's at Walgreens and I got them. They were fun to have, and up until I got a G2 Devastator and a Ruination, the Devastator ko and Valdigus ko's were satisfactory. On ebay you can commonly find some nice ones. RM victory saber is one I havent seen for a bit but he comes up occasionally.
Darkton said,  - 2010-11-13 17:08:56
Okay, now I'm tempted to get one. I need a Thundercracker for my G1 Neo collection. I will, however, dump it in a heartbeat if an official and available Thundercracker comes out.
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