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Leader Class Bumblebee

Posted by:
Perceptor at 2010-01-04 11:01 pm
Are you a huge Revenge of the Fallen fan, but still haven't bought a Bumblebee toy, holding out for the perfect one?   You're in luck!  Various sites are hosting images of an all new 5th Leader Class Bumblebee.   This is great news for many reasons:
1.) It is not quite as obnoxiously large as the "Ultimate Bumblebee" toys.
2.) It's not as dark as the Stealth Bumblebee.
3.) It's more complex than the first second or third "Bumper Battlers" or "Battle Chargers" Bumblebees
4.)  It's larger than any of the 5+ Legends class Bumblebee toys.
5.)  Unlike the robot replicas Bumblebee toys it can Transform.
6.) It's not as cartoony as the Robot Heroes Bumblebee, 
7.) It is more movie accurate than either of the "Fast Action Battlers" Bumblbees or their subsequent recolors.
8.) It is more pose-able than the "Gravity Bots" bumblebee or "Bolt Bumblebee recolor.
9.) It comes with more shoulder mounted cannons than the ROTF prequel "Cannon Bumblebee."
10.) It has a nicer camaro mode than "PowerBots Bumblebee" toys.
11.) It has a more sturdy robot mode than the "RPMs Bumblebee."
12.) It doesn't have that horrible flat light blue paint as the "Allspark Power Bumblebee."
13.) it doesn't come with those pesky human figures like the "Screen Battles Bumblebee."
14.) It doesn't have all that battle damage paint deco like the "Evolution of a Hero" Bumblebee set.
15.) It also has bend-able elbows, unlike the "Bumblebee Unleashed."
16.) It's um, well, it's (sorry, I can't think of anything that makes it better than Human Alliance...) Oh wait, its shin sections are more movie accurate.  

Should I go on????  Do you need more convincing of its awesomeness?  What do you think?  Excited for this toy?

Perceptor said,  - 2010-01-04 23:27:35
Sorry, I got a bit carried away there. This toy looks great but I'm on an aggressive movie Bumblebee overdose right at the moment... Ugh.
Stormtiger said,  - 2010-01-05 01:14:51
Saddly it appears to also be a fake, over on the tformers forums they already pick this image appart. it appears to be a photoshopped algamation of HA bumble bee, deluxe Bummble bee, and ultimate Bumble bee.
Blasten Blaster said,  - 2010-01-05 09:17:42
Oh Perceptor please do go on!

You forgot its Freakin Bumblebee!
Sabrblade said,  - 2010-01-05 09:55:40
As Stormtiger said, this seems more like its a serious photoshop job.

Plus, it can't be a Leader class as all Leaders have a "Try Me" button on their chests and this thing has HA BB's chest.

Most of this thing's body parts look recolored/modified from parts of other BBs. To quote a member of another board:
"Head and upper body from HA Bumblebee with extra Gatling shoulder gun,
Arms from Deluxe Cannon BB
Cannon arm from deluxe preview Bumblebee
Belly and upper legs from deluxe BB
Lower legs from Ultimate BB with new feet?"

And besides, he'd be severely out of scale with the rest ofthe line and there's already TWO Ultimate BBs that already have that problem.

And I'm getting kinda sick of Hasbro constantly trying to shove BB down our throats with so many ridiculous versions of him. I'm starting to wonder what would happen if her were killed off in the third movie.

But, if this does turn out to be real, DO. NOT. WANT.
DocWho said,  - 2010-01-05 10:21:00
Before the endless posts about how it's a photoshop job...


And I can tell from other forums that this might be a heated discussion, so please take it into our discussion forums where we can moderate it.
Sabrblade said,  - 2010-01-05 11:06:34
Well, ya got me, now.

Even still, I don't want this thing.
Sidewinder said,  - 2010-01-05 13:03:18
The only possible up side to the idea of a Leader sized Bumblebee is that it would make a transformer who's alt mode is somewhat in scale with my old GI Joes, and while that is close to fantastically awesome, it does not make me want to kick out $50.00 for ANOTHER Bumblebee.
Agent X said,  - 2010-01-05 13:44:31
maybe if it was leader class Cliffjumper or Hubcap
cyberwuss said,  - 2010-01-05 14:11:58
I think it is fake because the only picture I have seen of it was the thumbnail and from that image you can see areas in the background where it is either solid white or kind of grey cloudy or dusty. Hasbros images are usually a solid color all the way through. It looks like the solid white areas on this one are where the person had the image broken up into parts and was selecting them to move around in an editing tool.
cyberwuss said,  - 2010-01-05 14:12:40
Also lol at perceptor's list and agent x cliffjumper post ha!
Action Man said,  - 2010-01-05 14:57:14
Sure, this guy's in scale with the G.I. Joes, but it's not liek they can sit in him or something. With this much detailed parts, Hasbro is sacrificing opening doors and seats. I'll get the HA Bee, and hope the Joes can somehow squeeze inside.
Wheelie Is My Name said,  - 2010-01-05 19:07:08
Why do we need a leader class bumblebee ?It just anough way for hasbro to get us for another 50$. Toy looks cool. i wont buy it. They really should make a leader class soundwave instead. he is so massive in the movie. They toy we have now is really subpar.
Chaos Bringer said,  - 2010-01-05 19:08:22
I doubt Hasbro would consider a Leader class Bumblebee. They tend to save that size for larger characters. A car juct wouldn't make sense (although there is Ultimate BB but that was a one-shot deal). Sure, Bumblebee is a big seller with the kiddies but why waste the effort and money when they can just use the Deluxe mold a few more times. We can always use more Deluxe Bumblebees.
Jumpercliff said,  - 2010-01-05 19:56:20
Oh, for the love of Pete, ENOUGH WITH THE BUMBLEBEE VARIANTS ALREADY! As a matter of fact, enough with the multiple character variants already! NEW CHARACTERS ONLY, PLEASE!
Megatron said,  - 2010-01-05 22:42:56
It looks like a kitbash to me.
DocWho said,  - 2010-01-06 10:25:25
Nope. I've seen Leader BB kitbashes. This is official.
Mazinger said,  - 2010-01-06 20:31:15
This is pretty obviously fake. Yes, I looked at the links. Nice try, though.
DocWho said,  - 2010-01-07 11:07:48
You looked at the links...and you still think it's fake. How is that a fake? It's not comprised from ANY other Hasbro images, and if a kitbasher could make something like THAT, they'd be rich!

Ok. Fine. Everyone can believe what they want, but when this thing is on shelves, or official images are released, expect a front-page news story saying "I TOLD YOU SO". XD
Perceptor said,  - 2010-01-08 06:30:35
people also thought the Transformers 3 script that leaked out was fake. Bay's website admin tried to shoot it down, but you didn't hear from Ehren Kruger saying, "I did not write that." I think that was legit too.
Mazinger said,  - 2010-01-08 22:53:27
Aw, crap, they ARE coming out with a leader BB. Go ahead, Doc.
A Passing Madman said,  - 2010-01-09 11:26:35
In Reply to Action Man's post... Just so you know, there's no way you could fit a three inch GI Joe into a Human Alliance vehicle. The figures that come with those are about a third as big, and I can still barely fit Sergeant Epps into Sideswipe's driver's seat.
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