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Posted by:
Fallen at 2010-02-02 9:07 pm

Revenge of the Fallen is a main contender for "Worst Movie of 2009" as filed recently by the RAZZIE awards nomination committee. It doesn't end there, ROTF is up for six other categories including worst director, worst picture, worst screen couple and worst actress played by Megan Fox.

I personaly have to agree with the worst screen couple.

Deceptitron said,  - 2010-02-02 21:22:42
Yeah sorry critic's I like to think for myself. So while your all loving some god awful 3rd world millionair movie, or some awful japan horror movie turned american redo, I'll be watching TF2:ROTF on dvd, again, cause the movie was, and is, the best of 09' PERIOD!!!!
Michael010188 said,  - 2010-02-02 23:44:55
I agree that Revenge of the Fallen and the first transformers movie are the best attempt for an actual Transformers movie series. Just because no other director had the "Balls" to try to make a Transformers movie doesn't mean that Michael Bay did a lousy job or killed the perspective of it. Besides, Bay brought out a more realistic tone on the robots, so stop talking crap about it.
Blasten Blaster said,  - 2010-02-03 01:40:37
Who ever nominated ROTF and GI Joe: ROC should have been crushed under a decpticons foot
Saberfrost said,  - 2010-02-03 07:30:48
I agree the twins ruined the movie for me, I hope they die in TF3
Perceptor said,  - 2010-02-03 11:36:46
ROTF gets way too bad of a rap. It is targeted for all these "worst movie" awards by critics simply because it was the highest selling movie in the box office and DVD of the year; by far!

ROTF was not perfect, but still a damn fine movie. The fact that it is not up for best visual effects oscar is proof that critics know nothing and/or simply have an agenda to knock down the industry leader.
DocWho said,  - 2010-02-03 13:11:36
I disagree, ROTF was an awful movie. I think it deserves everything it gets.
Jumpercliff said,  - 2010-02-03 15:17:45
Down with the Razzies!!!!!!!! They're completely unnecessary!!!!!! Those goons are complete HICKS!
cyberwuss said,  - 2010-02-03 15:54:46
It wasn't chick flick/brokeback enough for them so they are hating on it because of that. Seriously, when has a true action film ever won any kind of award?
DocWho said,  - 2010-02-03 17:42:32

So because it's an action movie, it gets to be bad and people have to deal with it? And if you don't like it, you automatically hate all action movies?

Let's take a look at the Oscars for Best Picture, and see if any action films are in the running.

Best Picture:

District 9
The Hurt Locker
Inglorious Basterds

And let's see if any mindless chick flicks are in the running.

None? Really?

Seriously guys, it's a really bad movie. Shia and Megan are an awful couple. It was an awful plot. The actresses are awful. The screenplay is awful. The direction is clunky. It's a bad movie, and it deserves to be recognized as such. The director or the genre has nothing to do with it.

Ironically, I don't mind anything else about the movieverse. I think Devastator is awesome, I think the Twins are funny, I love the psychopathic's just ROTF. It's painful to sit through.
Saberfrost said,  - 2010-02-03 17:55:51
Down with mudflap & skids let us watch megatron eat their sparks!!!!:)
cyberwuss said,  - 2010-02-03 19:16:57
I agree that it might not have been the best it could be but it wasn't the worst movie of the year. Also when I am poking fun at the oscars by saying they don't like action movies that wording wasn't quite what I meant, I meant they don't like action movies with imagination that aren't based directly on something history related. As far as I can see from the list on the only one that doesn't have some realistic tie in to historical events is Lord of the Rings part 3. The rest are either based on real military events or are chick flicks. I'm also ignoring all those other categories that are there just to make a few other stars and people in the business feel good. Because there are only about 5 categories anyone cares about and the rest are there just so people can say "oh look, I won an Oscar (in some honorable mention category like best sound)" Also you left off about half of the nominees only putting up the action ones from this year and not the chick flick types like the one that will probably win: Precious. Why? It has more Oprah backing than any of them lol.
cyberwuss said,  - 2010-02-03 19:24:42
Also, just for reference from this list I'd say the razzie should go to Jonas Brothers in 3d or Dragonball Evolution. That's right, we weren't the only disappointed fans of a huge franchise. Dragonball fans were hugely let down by their first live action film.
DocWho said,  - 2010-02-03 21:20:24
But the thing is that action films usually aren't up to par with movies like Up In The Air. Yeah, some more serious films get the award, but they deserve it. Just because it's a genre you don't like, doesn't mean the films suck. And from what I've heard, Precious is a good film. So maybe it deserves to win.

And for the record, New Moon should win worst picture, and worst couple. Same/Mikaela was painful to sit through, but not the wallbanger Edward/Bella is. Sometimes chick flicks do seriously suck.
cyberwuss said,  - 2010-02-03 21:32:07
I honestly haven't seen many new movies from last year with the best new movie I saw being Star Trek. I don't have anything against feel good movies or Oprah book club movies they have their place, I'm just generally putting down anyone's hope who keeps posting news items about how TF has been nominated for an award and thinks there is a snowball's chance in a Michael Bay film that the award will be won. I keep meaning to watch the Dark Knight someday but have been passing on it for other things (I know it wasn't 2009) I need to pick it up and watch it since its getting close to bargain bin prices now.
Blasten Blaster said,  - 2010-02-03 22:38:30
DocWho i cant believe how hard your knocking on ROTF I loved it the story overall may not have been the most original and there was some continuity error with the constructicon's scenes but overall it was still good.

@Sabrfrost: Skids and Mudflap made the movie for me I love them. It would be boring if there werent TF's that didnt try to emulate different human stereotypes.

I think if Drop Kick had gotten screen time he would have a more mexican stereotypical speaking and behavingoral traits being a tricked out lowrider truck.
DocWho said,  - 2010-02-04 08:28:06
@Cyberwuss Oh, Star Trek was great. I honestly think it should get some recognition for being so good. You haven't seen The Dark Knight? Seriously, go find it. It totally got shafted at the Oscars. Amazing movie.

@Blasten Blaster Yeah, I'm knocking on it because it was an awful movie. The plot holes are HUGE. Absolutely enormous, you could drive Optimus through them. This isn't like a movie where the plot holes can be ignored because it's a fun summer movie. It's long, it's incredibly dull at points, it's stupid, it's just an overall bad movie. It's absolutely painful to sit through.
Shadowbeast said,  - 2010-02-04 12:40:04
"DocWho" you are too critical against ROTF. All of us understand that it was not along the normal storylines and yes, the movie could have been better, but it is no way the worst of 09.
DocWho said,  - 2010-02-04 13:11:49
I'm critical because it was bad.

And it wasn't the worst of 2009, no, that honor belongs to any Asylum movie, Dear John, and New Moon. But it was still REALLY bad.
Masterforce said,  - 2010-02-04 16:02:06
The worst movie was Paul Blart: Mall Cop.
McPrimus said,  - 2010-02-04 16:39:40
1st: ROTF was a fun movie. It was a BIG, entertaining pop-corn movie, which is ALL is was ever supposed to be.

2nd: Critics are paid to make outrageous comments and to memorable statements. A critic who only says "the movie was good" doesn't stay employeed for very long. Point being, WHO CARES what the critics say, personally if Entertainment Weekly gives a movie a C- or lower, I know I will most likely enjoy it.

3rd: We now live in a society where it is easy to make critical statements without any concequence. I have NEVER understood the hate that "hard-core G1-ers" have for Bay and the TF movies. I an 32, I have been a TF fan since the beginning, and I love both movies.

and for the record, the worst movie of the year was:
Whatever that Borat guys movie was called. In fact, anything with that guy except Sweeney Todd is a total waste of film.
Perceptor said,  - 2010-02-04 18:23:40
Totally with you McPrimus. I said it before, I'll say it again. ROTF was not perfect, but I still think it was a very good film.

The overall tone, the emotional roller-coaster you go on when you watch it from start to finish is phenomenal. Starting high in the intro, then down low as Megatron returns... the death of Prime and arrival of the Fallen and ultimately a triumph... The music was brilliant. The visual effects were the bomb. Who didn't enjoy watching Devastator components unit? Or Jetfire's combining with Optimus... or Sideswipe in action... or, or, or... there a ton of things to enjoy.

To heck with the critics!
Blasten Blaster said,  - 2010-02-04 18:31:25
I hate all those critics who dissed on ROTF epecially the ones who say the twins were racist to Black people. Ok i'm a Black person and i was in no way offened. like i said above, its boring if there werent TF that tried to emulate some human sterotypes.
DocWho said,  - 2010-02-04 18:50:38
Alright Perceptor, McPrimus, I'll bite.

Why is it a good film when compared to actual good films?

The tone doesn't help when the length is painfully long, and the visuals don't help when the story is mind-numbing.
Deceptitron said,  - 2010-02-04 22:33:14
I agree with Blasten Blaster, about the twins. I saw ROTF twice in theaters and the honest truth is the first time, and every time since, I saw the twins as more a couple of country hillbilly's with inner net, and their dopey looks, playin wanna be's. I dunno what they were trying to be like but it sure wasn't any like any person I know.
McPrimus said,  - 2010-02-05 16:07:01
DocWho said, - 2010-02-04 18:50:38
Alright Perceptor, McPrimus, I'll bite.

Why is it a good film when compared to actual good films?

answer = Watchability

Films are like art, everyone sees something different. Was it as compelling as The Dark Knight , no! Was it better than the "critically acclaimed" movies like The Violinist, The English Patient, The Wrestler & Benjamin Button? Absolutely!! I consider all of those movies to be completely UNWATCHABLE, and I know because I tried. I actually walked out on The Violinist, and it takes a LOT for me to walk out on a movie.

All I heard after District 9 came out was how "amazing" it was. if you ask me which one I would like to watch again, ROTF would win 10/10 times.
Some Guy said,  - 2010-02-05 16:47:03
Actually, I think the critics hated Benjamin Button as well. That one was a lose-lose.
Saberfrost said,  - 2010-02-05 18:04:01
@ blasten blaster the twins ruined it because they said a lot of racial and sexual jokes so it was inapropriate for youger children like my younger brother
DocWho said,  - 2010-02-05 19:07:40

So what makes a good movie is watchability? Not plot, acting, direction, timing, set design, length or pace?

ROTF was not watchable. The unbearably long action scenes towards the end, the gigantic plot holes, the utterly painful sub-plot with Sam and Mikaela, and the fact that it was an hour too long makes it watchable?
McPrimus said,  - 2010-02-05 20:36:27
You don't think watchability is important?

Loved the action, loved the fights, didn'thave a problem with sam & Mikela.

An hour too long?, I think you mean an hour too SHORT!

Saberfrost, ROTF was rated PG-13, your 6 year old brother shouldn't have been in the theater!
DocWho said,  - 2010-02-05 20:50:51
I do, but it wasn't watchable, and you shouldn't sacrifice EVERYTHING ELSE to attempt to achieve that.

The action was alright, but the desert scene took FOREVER. It was so long, I still feel like I'm watching it! And Sam and Mikaela's romantic sub-plot was incredibly dull! "Say you love me!" "Say you love me first!" "No, you say you love me first!" "No, YOU say you love me first." "No u." "No u." And on and on and on. And it was only resolved after Sam was shot! (And went to Robot Heaven. Seriously, Robot Heaven) There was no character development in there at all, it just sort of resolved itself! That's the worst kind of romantic sub-plot!

And no, that thing was 2 and a half hours, and it had no plot whatsoever. Therein lies the unwatchability, and the proof that it's a bad movie. 2 and a half hours of explosions. No plot, no acting, nothing to carry it besides the action.
McPrimus said,  - 2010-02-05 20:57:53
so its okay for the allspark to give Sam visions in his head, but he can't have soul absorbed into the matrix for a chat with the Primes?

Sam & Mikela's romance look like an authentic, shallow, stupid 18 year olds relationship to me. hang out at the mall a little more often and you'll see what I mean. Never said it was pretty, but close to accurate.

We get it, you don't like the movie, obviously there are people who disagree with you completely, so stop trying to force everyone to say it was terrible.
DocWho said,  - 2010-02-06 08:01:23
Nope, neither of those are ok. They're kinda cheap cop-outs.

That's the thing, those relationships are awful to watch. It's cinema, some liberties could've been taken to make it more interesting.

Yay! Internet hyperbole! I'm not forcing anyone to do anything. Forcing would be me using my mod powers to ban you unless you agreed with me. Logical discussion as to a film's merits is not forcing.
Blasten Blaster said,  - 2010-02-07 02:42:17
@Saberfrost: Other than the fact the racial and sexual jokes that were inapropriate for your younger brother who's 6 and probably shouldn't have seen the movie because of the rating VS his age is there any reasons why you dont like the twins.

@DocWho: Sam never went to robot heaven he was in a near death experience and the Primes used that time to talk to him.
Saberfrost said,  - 2010-02-15 16:51:00
@blasten blaster my little brother and the rest of my family wouldn't have missed it for the world, and yes they were being racial for acting like black gangsters and said "read oh we don't do much readin" which I think was a RACIAL JOKE DON'T YOU THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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