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Botcon News Round-Up

Posted by:
Perceptor at 2010-04-25 7:21 pm
If you haven't seen it already, check out official site for Transformers official collector event.    Now reflecting this year's "G2 Redux" theme,  exclusive figures inclue:  Spark, Breakdown (a new mold version of the first Botcon exclusive toy ever!), Streetstar (guess they couldn't get "Streetwise"),  Clench (new mold of European only figure in the mid-90's.  Can't see the figure yet, but art is shown on the mainpage and appears to be a recolor of the Classics Ultra Onslaught figure) and the yet to be unveiled, Sky-byte...  Very cool.  

Also yet to be announced, a possible test-shot of Rapido surfaced on

This year's convention will be held in Orlando, Florida; coming up soon: June 24-27.  Hope to see you there!

We also received the following e-mail update on the member's only "free" figure, "Dion:"


Here is an update on this years FREE membership exclusive Dion: In March we announced that this item was scheduled to ship at the end of April. Though we are often leery of giving even "scheduled"

specific dates, we felt confident that they would be on time.


However, as can be the case very often in this industry, the shipping schedule was changed due to constraints at the factory. At one point they had pushed us six weeks, but we were able to work with the factory and are pleased that they agreed to ship them from China by the end of next week.


The simple translation is this: Dion SHOULD start being mailed out next month, and barring any unforeseen circumstances, they SHOULD all be en route to the entire membership by the end of May.


We are very excited to get this great figure to all of you just as quickly as possible and thank you again for your patience.





Sabrblade said,  - 2010-04-25 22:34:02
What's interesting about "Streetsatr" is that that's the name given to Streewise's lookalike in Operation Combination who forms a limb to Guard City.

Sky-Byte I'm betting will use the Energon Sharkticon mold.
lioconvoy said,  - 2010-04-26 15:41:11
why isn't the new mold bigger news!
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