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TF3 "Less Bedlam, More Character"

Posted by:
Perceptor at 2010-03-01 10:25 pm
When it comes to the Transformers live-action films, one thing all fans seem to all agree on, is that we'd like more of a (robot) character (/personality) driven story.  Apparently that's just what they have in mind; so says our good friend, Brian Goldner, Hasbro COO in a recent interview with MTV.  Check it out and see for yourself!

Skullgrin140 said,  - 2010-03-02 06:30:29
Hah, since when has a Michael Bay Film ever relyed on a story to drive the film forward. But I hope he does at least try to put in some development in some characters.
Sabrblade. said,  - 2010-03-02 06:50:17
Well, hopefully this time they'll downplay the uneeded/unfunny humor and up-play the robot character development. I mean, I get that they need humans to make it so we can relate to the film, but the transformers are very human themselves and need not be overshadowed by the human characters (and a mute Bumblebee).
Chaos Bringer said,  - 2010-03-02 20:35:37
Hasbro certainly don't like seeing their brand become associated with leg-humping and pot brownies. They don't want that kind of attention in a day and age when parents are more careful than ever about what they buy for their kids. Most likely TF3 will be a very different film from what we saw last summer.
Deceptitron said,  - 2010-03-02 21:31:18
I agree with Saberblade. Don't get me wrong a laughed at the Twins sense humor, as did most people I know, but the area here where I live those 2 are always left on the store shelves (even the sweet ice cream truck mode) cause the parents don't want their kids to have them. I don't think we'll see them both in TF3, if at all.
Megatron said,  - 2010-03-02 21:56:53
The humans in the movie have become very anoying. I mean how many times is Sam Witwicy gonna sceam for Bumblebee and Optimus. I dont even watch it when other people are around its really embarassing. Please get rid of the mom and dad. We just want robot to robot and nothin but robot action ,I remeber reading somewhere Michael Bay saying TF3 will be very different from the other flims.

I really hope thats true. Don't get me wrong I love TFs and im not bashing the film just the humans. I have been a fan for more than 20 years
collected alot of tranformers, and all im asking for is a good story and some big ol robots, so lets keep it that way.
Sabrblade. said,  - 2010-03-03 06:36:49
Lennox and Epps are still good characters, though. Right?
Deceptitron said,  - 2010-03-03 09:08:35
Yeah they gotta keep Lennox and Epps. As for Sam yelling for Bumblebee, it could always be worse, he could be yelling for Goldbug.
Megatron said,  - 2010-03-03 14:55:06
The military characters are ok because they work with the autobots full time.
Sabrblade. said,  - 2010-03-03 20:12:18
If I were to figure which human characters are most likely to remain in the third movie, I say that they'd be Sam, his parents, Mikaela, Lennox, Epps, and Simmons. Maybe Leo too (but I don't think he's as necessary).
Megatron said,  - 2010-03-03 21:29:12
I disagree with Sam and Mikaela, they can say they got married and leave it at that, leo is not necessary. Lennox and Epps must have, although I would like to see Rachel Taylor playing Magee again, shes hotter than Megan fox, and a much better actress.
Sabrblade. said,  - 2010-03-04 07:11:47
I'm not saying these are the humans I "want" to see in the third film. I'm these are ones that are "most likely to return" for the third film. We have no control over who does and doesn't return, but these 7 (or 8) people are more than likely to reappear in TF3.
Megatron said,  - 2010-03-04 15:52:02
And im just saying that I dont agree with those people being in the third movie. You have to understand that this is a unique discussion, and that we are all just making wishes on who and who shouldnt be in the up coming film. As far as I know and what the web is saying some of those actors will be coming back.
Rodimus said,  - 2010-03-06 14:26:57
Please let's be honest here. The second film was nothing short of horrible. The character development line is a joke. Harbro is only doing this to tie in with the new video game. This movie will have just as bad a plot as the second film. I can never understand, you have the stories in place to make a great movie but hollywood destroys it.... again! The lord of the rings was great because they just based the movies on the books that already existed. If they did the same with TF the movies would be classics. Instead 10 years from now all people will remember is that Michael Bay will have made three really bad films.
hgfhgfhgfhgfhgfghfhutu55545585 said,  - 2010-03-07 12:12:23

chandler said,  - 2010-03-09 07:14:13
i actually hope they keep leo and the twins.because if you get past the annoying things about them there cool characters. just get rid of the last arcee twin,chromia. they are just ugly and useless
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