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Scans of Transformers Generations 2010

Posted by:
Sabrblade at 2010-11-25 2:45 pm
Since we are so close to the world premiere of Transformers: Prime, I'd say that this would be a good opportunity to be caught up on many of the recent developments in the Transformers franchise. And a good way to do so has shown up at TFW2005. User s250 has put up several image scans of the new Transformers Generations 2010 book.

But first, a little history. To clarify, this is not in reference to the Generations toyline that is currently in stores. Back in 2001, a massive infobook titled Transformers Generations was released in Japan, which contained an enormous abundance of information on G1, G2, and Machine Wars. In 2004, a Deluxe edition of this book was released, containing an additional 18-page gallery of concept sketches and unused ideas in the Transformers toyline. In 2009, a new infobook called Transformers Generations 2009 was released in three full volumes, covering many more lines like Alternity, ROTF, Henkei! Henkei!, Music Label, Device Label, and Disney Label. And now, the latest installment in this series of wealthy infobooks is Transformers Generations 2010.

The images s250 has scanned showcase the two latest Masterpiece figures (MP-9 Rodimus Convoy and MPM-2 Bumblebee), the Japanese Animated line, and the United line.

But of further mention are the images that show the earliest prototypes and concept designs for the Transformers: Heroes line, which evolved into Transformers Animated. The prototypes are of Optimus, Hot Shot, and Rhinox, and the sketches show even more scrapped Heroes character designs.

Sabrblade said,  - 2010-11-25 15:35:39
My comments:
* The cover is an excellent homage to the Japanese G1 movie poster, using MP Rodimus, 2010 Unicron, and several Animated figures to recreate that image -
* MP Rodimus' Matrix is different from MP Convoy's/20th Anniv. OP's Matrix.
* The face-switch between Hot Rod and Rodimus is very different form the MP Seeker mold. And the spoiler wings also move up as part of the change from kid to commander.
* Rodimus has his hand saw in one arm, and his welding torch in the other.
* We finally see the full transformations of car-to-robot and car-to-RV.
* Rodimus concept sketches are pure love!
* MPM-2 Bumblebee is a nicer-colored version of Battle Ops Bumblebee.
* LOTS of animated character images, including those of altmodes we haven't/we've barely seen before.
* Heroes images look awesome!
* United page:
- Grapple has an orange head.
- Perceptor has no chrome, but has more paint apps that make his altmode look MUCH better.
- Jazz looks a bit more show-accurate with his torso insignia and other details.
- Tracks has a G1-accurate flame deco and metallic blue paint.
- Kup has silver rims instead of black.
- Straxus looks different color-wise.
- Aside from his purple head, Lugnut looks superior to his Hasbro version.
- Wreck-Gar is more show-accurate than the Hasbro version.
- Laser Optimus Prime looks a tad bit different from G2 Optimus Prime.
Darkton said,  - 2010-11-25 22:28:05
Straxus looks more accurate to the comic. Still, I think I'll get the US Release. Why? More red.
Grapple looks more like the show with that orange head. I guess it all depends on if you want it to be more accurate to the show or to the comic. I myself am going for the United version because I'm looking for a show collection.
Perceptor doesn't have any Henkei-style chrome, but he does have more detailed paint apps. I'm going with that one because my target is show-accuracy.
It's too early to tell if Wheeljack is any different. I'll wait until photos of the Hasbro release come out.
That tampographed sign on Jazz's chest looks pretty nice.
Blurr's blue head makes him look more like his cartoon self as opposed to the comics version.
Rumble and Frenzy look neat, but it's too early to tell if I should buy the Hasbro release instead. Now all we need is Soundwave and Laserbeak (and for Laserbeak to be redecoed into Buzzsaw) and we're all set.
Tracks is definitely more G1-accurate with that flame pattern. He's mine.
I really do not notice any differences between the two Kups. Maybe it's too early to tell.
Likewise, Scourge doesn't look different at all. Maybe it's too early to tell. I'm going to pick up two Scourges from Generations and one Scourge from United. The other two Scourges can be the Sweeps!
Not interested in Lugnut. This is a G1 Neo colleciton, and Lugnut isn't part of G1.
Wreck Gar is mine. The yellow head really sells it. I'm gonna try and get that e-Hobby three pack just for the additional Junkion for him to ride. Then I'll sell the other two.
Laser Optimus Prime doesn't look all that different. My interest in him is only slight. I guess it all depends on if there's an RID Scourge about. But with Botcon 2011 around the corner, things don't look too promising...
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