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Toy Fair 2010 reveals new Transformers figures

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Sabrblade at 2010-02-06 5:46 pm has a report from the 2010 Toy Fair in Nuremburg, Germany. Most of what was seen has been stated in previosu posts, but some of it are new things regarding RPMs, Power Core Combiners, and more.

Here's what was reported:

The RPMs line seems to a major success and there'll be lots of new products there. Apart from at least a dozen new RPM cars I've seen, there is a new race track / play set, titled "Bumblebee's Battle Track".

Additionally a new RPM subline called "Stealth Force" was introduced. This line consists of Voyager- and Deluxe-sized vehicles. They can't transform into robots, but they do electronically fold out weapons and other technical knick-knacks. Optimus Prime and Megatron come in Voyager-size, Bumblebee in Deluxe size.

Finally, the RPM line is rounded out by a new Bumblebee car, a remote controlled one this time. Size-wise it's somewhere between Ultimate Battle BB and Human Alliance BB.

Among the "real" Transformers we saw Leader Starscream (in the new orange packaging), Seaspray and Power Core Combiner Huffer, all old news. What I hadn't seen so far, though, were the following:
- Scout class figure Hubcap, who transforms into a red muscle car
- Scout class figure Brimstone, who transforms into a blue motorbike
- Power Core combiner Team "Aerialbots", consisting of a leader figure just below Deluxe size and four team members just below Scout size.

New scouts and a new Aerialbot-like team? This sounds very interesting.

And with the word of Leader Starscream being in this new yellow packaging, this seems to imply that the ROTF toyline will be "evolving" or "transitioning" into this new "Transformers" toyline.

Jumpercliff said,  - 2010-02-07 12:25:43
Don't care for the RPMs, but can't wait to see the new guys! Although they could've named the motorcycle Road Pig at least. That, and Hubcap should be yellow.
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