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BBTS Preorders reveal brand new figures!

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Sabrblade at 2010-01-14 11:48 am has put up several preorder pages for a bunch of newly-revealed Transformers figures. Though, all of these are for TakaraTomy toylines only.

For Device Label, the previously mentioned Broadcast (A.K.A. Blaster) USB Hub is back up for preorder. While this isn't actually a "new" figure, it had previously been delayed and then canceled. But now thta it's back up for preorder, this could be a sign that's going to finally be released after all.

Also for Device Label is a redeco of the Jaguar (Ravage) and Tigatron USB flash drive as Cheetus (Cheetor)! This addition makes the Beast Wars "cat-bot trio" complete.

For Disney Label (yes, this line is still going on), the third figure mold (following Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck) has been announced to be none other Buzz Lightyear as a spaceship. Since both Mickey and Donald each had mechs based on an existing TF character (Optimus Prime and Bumblebee), it is not  currently known who this "spaceship" mech will be based off of.

Finally, the last two preorders are for a new Alternity figure! Following Convoy, Megatron, Bumble/Cliff, the fourth Alternity mold goes to none other than the Decepticons's own Air Commander: Starscream! However, this time Screamer's taken a very different form: an A-04 Okamora Orochi. The figure will come in white and "Skywarp purple" versions. (Here's the car in purple.)

Black Starscream said,  - 2010-01-17 17:32:29
Even though a car Starscream and Skywarp goes against I've ever known (Megatron at least has some basis thanks to gobots), I've gotta say this is one of the more exciting things to be coming into Transformers, if for no other reason than Starscream and the Seekers were always my favorite part of the franchise. If they made this a bit like tracks with flip out wings that'd be even better. On a slightly different note, does anyone know, when you get the freebee figure from the Collectors Club, what does it come in and is it attached to anything? Because I got the master collector issue but the back corner was torn off so now i'm a bit worried
Sabrblade said,  - 2010-01-17 20:03:16
The way I see it, when it comes to the Alternity line, one's altmode doesn't matter. Just being included in the line is a great honor to the character, as it means that they achieve almost deity-like status and abilities. Thus far, only a few known characters have been given such status:

* G1 Optimus Prime (Binaltech timeline world)
* G1 Optimus Prime (normal G1 cartoon timeline world)
* Universe 2003 Nemesis Prime (former Decepticon)
* G1 Bumblebee
* G1 Cliffjumper (however, he turned down the offer and became a Protector instead)

Decepticons ("illegally"):
* G1 Megatron (Binaltech timeline world)
* G1 Megatron (unknown)
* G1 Megatron (Convoy no Nazo Famicom video game world)
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