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MTV Reports Patrick Dempsey on TF3

Posted by:
Perceptor at 2010-05-05 2:27 pm
MTV is reporting that Patrick Dempsey, the hunky star of the med drama Grey's Anatomy. has been signed to a "dark character" role in , Transformers 3, Mikela's boss.  Good deal, now I won't have to work so hard to get the misses to come w/ me to the theater opening night!

Masterforce said,  - 2010-05-05 15:50:44
Now Megan Fox has a job in transformers? Sweet. I hope it's at a burger stand.
DocWho said,  - 2010-05-05 19:23:58
This is why it's good to date TF nerds, my friend. I have to put in zero effort when it comes to getting the GF to go see a TF movire. ;)
Megatron said,  - 2010-05-06 00:20:13
How is he Mikelas boss when she and her day work or own the motorcycle shop.
Sabrblade said,  - 2010-05-06 00:22:06
Mikeala would obivously get a different job from working at her dad's bike shop. Ergo, Patrick Demspsey plays her boss at this new job.
Fallen said,  - 2010-05-06 19:54:37
Dempsey is awsome cant wait to see him perform or hear his voice over.
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