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Japanese TF Animated Episode Order & Voice Cast!

Posted by:
Sabrblade at 2010-03-20 9:57 pm
While we're still waiting for the arrival of the next Transformers TV cartoon, our friends in Japan are about to get their share of our last cartoon, Transformers Animated. Though, since they are trying to insert it into the story of the live action movies, some severe editing will be done in order to change the story of Animated to fit better with the movies. And thanks to DrillBIT of TFW2005, we now have some info regarding some specifics about the Japanese version of Animated. DrillBIT went and translated a portion of the latest issue of Figure-Oh! magazine, revealing both the order of the initial episodes and some of the voice cast of Japan's Transformers Animated.

For the episode order, the first four episodes of the series have been revealed to be in the following order:
1.  "New Chapter! Transformers" (Transform and Roll Out - Part 1)
2.  "Hero, The name is Autobot" (Transform and Roll Out - Part 2)
3.  "Secret of the AllSpark" (Transform and Roll Out - Part 3)
4.  "Operation Soundwave" (Sound and Fury, which was episode 10 in the U.S.)

And according to the brief summaries provided ,there seems to be little differences in the basic plot of each episode. Though, with episode 10 being moved to episode 4, that does call for some changes, especially with Megatron's reactivation occuring well before episode 10 (the real episode 4, actually).

As for the voice cast, many of these seiyuus (Japanese voice actors/actresses) have done voice work in previous Transformers series:
*  Optimus Prime: Hiroki Takahashi
*  Bumblebee: Daisuke Kishio
*  Ratchet: Tōru Ōkawa 
*  Ironhide (Bulkhead): Kenta Miyake
*  Prowl: Kōji Yusa
*  Ultra Magnus: Banjō Ginga (reprising his Scramble City role!)
*  Sentinel: Junichi Suwabe
*  Teletraan I: Ayahi Takagaki
*  Megatron: Norio Wakamoto
*  Starscream: Jin Yamanoi (reprising his Armada role!)
*  Blitzwing: Cho (Shigeru Nagashima)
*  Lugnut: Kentaro Itou
*  Blackarachnia: Ryōka Yuzuki (reprising her Beast Wars role!)
*  Sari: Satomi Akesaka 
*  Professor Sumdac: Takashi Nagasako
*  Captain Fanzone: Nobuo Tobita

This is turning out to be quite an interesting take on Transformers Animated!

lioconvoy said,  - 2010-03-21 11:30:48
sounds interesting. i might have to watch it once it has been subbed and check it out
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