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Transformers: Prime - Launch Trailer!

Posted by:
HolyGrail at 2010-11-03 11:40 pm
We've seen glimpses and heard rumors but here is the official launch trailer for the upcoming 5-part television event of Transformers: Prime. Some footage is familiar but we get our first good look at Bulkhead and hear the ominous voice of Optimus Prime. 

Let the countdown to the 29th begin! 

Sabrblade. said,  - 2010-11-04 07:49:18
"Once again the future of humankind is at stake." - Um, "once again"? I think we're missing something here. I get that this takes place after "movie-esque" events, but since these aren't the movies themselves, it would be nice if Optimus could elaborate on this.

In one shot, Bulkhead looks taller than BB and Arcee, but in the very nex tshot, he's squatt and about the same height as BB.

The Eradicons remind me an awful lot of the Obsidian-class Minions from Angel Wars.

Overall, a very cool trailer, but I think I like the other one (featuring Cliffjumper and all sorts of crazy action) better.
Perceptor said,  - 2010-11-04 09:32:18
See our Hasbro Q&A dude! Hasbro intends officially intends to consolidate the plotlines of TF. Prime *is* connected to other TF: Universes... Which ones and how specifically? That is up to personal interpretation...

Tell you what, the previous animation rendors didn't have me too fired up before. This look? WOW, I'm officially fired up! Looks great!
Sabrblade. said,  - 2010-11-04 09:41:50
Perceptor, Hasbro is completely disregarding every past series (save for the live action films, as they're still going on) for the development of the new aligned continuity.

All they've done is hand-pick a few bits and elements from select series, incorporated them into the Prime reality, and then discarded all else that doesn't matter to it. G1 cartoon - gone. Beast Wars - gone. Beast Machines - gone. RiD - gone. Unicron Trilogy - gone. Animated - gone. Whatever other media (save for the films) - gone. All that remains is a few pieces that had been taken from each and saved for use in this new canon.

It's as if Prime isn't even in the same multiverse as the rest of the franchise (called the "Multi-Verse of Eternity"), meaning that the multiverse has catastrophically grown into an omniverse, with Prime's existence alienating nearly everything that had been established prior to its creation.
lioconvoy said,  - 2010-11-04 10:00:50
i would rather think its in the tf universe rather than an omniverse. untill i'm proven different
cyberwuss said,  - 2010-11-04 11:33:58
@Sabrblade: as far as the size of Bulkhead in the second shot, that shot looks alot like the poster on, so I wouldn't count it as an actual shot from the show, they basically took some of the poses off the preview stills from the hub site and made an animated poster, In, other words it was either an error by some inexperienced graphic designer that will only be in that one shot/poster or it was intentionally done just so you could see all the characters better with scale thrown out the window and only for that poster. While I would have liked some of the CG to be higher quality than I've seen so far it is probably going to be good enough for me, I was hoping for something of the CG quality of Star Wars: The Clone Wars series but lets face it, not everyone is ILM :p
Sabrblade said,  - 2010-11-04 13:00:48
Or maybe it was just the point-of-view that threw me off. Looking at it again, Bulkhead's height looks to be about the same in both shots, as Bumblebee is bent over in the first and Bulky is still taller than Arcee in both.

@lioconvoy, the latest Q&A session hints that Prime lies outside of the known multiverse, as Hasbro stated that what is known about something from previous media may or may not apply to the new modern canon. In paricular, they said that, within this new aligned canon, there are no Multiversal Singularities and only one of each individual. This would be fine... if the specified ones they mentioned weren't THE FALLEN AND ALPHA TRION!

In the established multiverse, Original 13 members = Multiversal Singularities. The only way this fact could be nullified is if the Prime canon exists outside of the mutliverse, where it wouldn't be restricted to its established laws of existence. It seems that this is what Hasbro has done in order to go with Prime in the ways they want to, without having to account for all pre-established information in previous media.

It's even more mind-boggling when their recent statement about The Fallen outright contradicts what they said about his nature as a Multiversal Singularity in the July 2009 Q&A session.
lioconvoy said,  - 2010-11-04 17:01:39
i blame the unicron singularity grrr

i still choose to disriguard hasbro in this instance and stick my fingers in my ears and hum verry verry lowdley untill the hole contridiction goes away and leaves me alone lol

i bet they will atempt to retcon prime in later fiction anyway
Perceptor said,  - 2010-11-04 20:54:13
...ANY effort, on Hasbro's part to connect or relate the continuities of Transformers is good, no GREAT by me. No system will be perfect, but this is a major step in the right direction. Have you guys read: TRANSFORMERS: EXODUS yet? You should. It's awesome.

As for that vid... Wow, it's awesome. I've watched it many times already, and I"m off to watch it again!
Sabrblade said,  - 2010-11-04 21:32:27
Again, "yes" I have read Exodus. I own it and its completely incomaptible with the WFC game. The author even admitted to having never played the game.

And they are neither "connecting" or "relating" any of the old continuties with that of Prime, quite the opposite. They are "discarding" and "ignoring" the bulk of them altogether; all because they don't want to have to abide by what previous stories have said in order for them to make Prime work the way Hasbro wants to do it.
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