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 1/31/2002 9am Central

Dreamwave reports: On their poster polls out of 3500 total tallied votes, Soundwave and the cassettes won out over the Dinobots by a total of 25 votes.  For the July poster poll, a G1 poster won "hands down," so it's likely that a Dinobot poster will be made as well!  Also, keep your eyes open for a poster from a different era, possibly Beast Wars.


* Holy crap!  Time to wet your whistle.  If you're a frequent visitor of our site and have a pulse this is REALLY going to get your blood flowing! Check this! A preview of the first few pages of the upcoming Transformers comic from Dreamwave on Wizard world!  Enjoy, we sure did!  Absolutely AWESOME!!!! We just can't wait!!!!
* You'll find more new picture/links of cool custom figures in Your Section of the Alterations Page

 1/27/2002 3:45pm Central

If you haven't seen this cool thing already...! Check out the Wreckers Catalog page.
New information has been released about the exciting near future of Transformers, via Wizard Magazine. The article is summarized in a posting on Allspark by Rhinox42. (Not netscape-friendly?) There are many new details about the nature of next year's Armada toy and TV series, plus details about the setting of the G1 comic due in stores in April. We'll be seeing even more details about this next month when Toy Fair rolls around.

 1/21/02 10pm Central
*  We don't fully understand what this article means about the future of Transformers, but CritterX e-mailed us a pretty interesting link to an article in 
* The last few box pics (Galvatron, and the trains) have been added to the 2001 toy page.  Better late than never I guess!  Character pages will follow eventually.
* Your Section of the Alterations Page has been updated with (MORE) new additions.
* Thanks to LC Kelley, 2 of the last 3 needed box pics have been added to the 1988 TF Page.  Does anyone out there have a MIB box pic of Bugly, you could e-mail me?!? PLEASE!
 1/10/2002 10pm Central

Some upcoming Dreamwave events to look forward to... January: look for new transformers posters at your local comic shop; February: a preview story to be posted on Dreamwave's website and a 'preview book' to be released and distributed; April: first issues arrive in stores. We don't have all the details on the 'preview book' but we're told that it will have a "lead-in story to the upcoming ongoing series," and is to be 32 pages. You'll possibly be able to order it from Dreamwave's site.

 1/8/01 7:55pm Central
The Sightings section as a slightly modified layout. Thanks to all for your valid contributions.  What do you think?  Do you find format/layout user friendly? Does the organization/order of toys make good sense to you? 
 12/14/01 1:05pm Central

An up-coming Transformers comic has been announced. See the official DreamWave news release and cool accompanying images here.

 11/27/01 7:55pm Central

Our databases are *finally* up and working again. I'm having problems getting the "TF Exchange" section up again. This section might, sadly, bite the dust. However with the databases back online (after over a month of frustrating down-time), the sightings subsite and the links subsite should be working like new again. Thanks to everyone for being patient.

Another big thank you goes out to all of our viewers: we just passed 1,000,000 page hits!


Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and are enjoying the nice long weekend!
* You'll find gobs of new character pages in the 1986 Transformers Section.  These include new pages for all the Protectobots and the Autobot Casettes: Blades, First Aid, Groove, Hotspot, Streetwise, Defensor, Eject & Ramhorn, Steeljaw & Rewind!
* Oh, and in case you missed it (DON'T!)  How cool is THIS!!!!
* Sorry the interactive sections are STILL down.  We are working on getting them back as soon as we can!  (We miss 'em too!)


The date of BotCon has been pushed back to July 26-28, 2002. (See Also, don't miss the "sneak preview of one BotCon 2002 Merchandise Item" link. Hmmm. It reminds me a little of our web address.


* New Ultra Magnus pages have been added.  In the '86 TF page you'll find a link to the original Ultra Magnus & in the '01 TF section you'll find a new link to the RID Magnus.
* More box pictures added of new RID figures in the 2001 TFs. and the last few box pics added in the 1987 TF page


It's official, BotCon 2002 will be held in Fort Wayne, Indiana on August 2-4, 2002


Thanks again for all of you who have stuck with us as we slowly get our site back online!  Brian is working on getting the interactive sections back on-line. ugh.

For now, I felt like doing something a little out of the ordinary. In our huge site 'TO DO' list, I thought I'd check off one of the least desirable items.  Why? because fans want it? NO!  I can honestly say that in all the years of maintaining this site, not a single fan has asked, "please hurry and do the Action Master pages!"  But, I felt that if the day ever came when the only thing left to do was A.M. character pages, I'd want to give up!  So, I figured I'd get this out of the way and still have plenty to look forward to! So, here they are all new pages for all the 1990 Action Masters Transformers: easily some of the least liked TFs ever made.  Transformers that didn't transform, weren't posable, and only a few looked reasonably cool and robotic.  Blah!  They include: Axer, Banzai-TronBlaster, Bumblebee, Devastator, Grimlock, Gutcruncher, Inferno, Jackpot, Jazz, Kick-Off, Krok, Mainframe, Megatron, Optimus Prime, Over-run, Prowl, Rad, Rollout, Shockwave, Skyfall, Snarl, Soundwave, Sprocket, Starscream, Treadshot, Wheeljack


A few new rumors have sprung up in TF fandom land. It seems that someone who has revealed credible news from Hasbro in the past has posted some things on The All Spark about next year's Transformers series (reported to be called "Transformers: Armada", which everyone seems to agree is a really cool name). Here are some Gooja threads concerning the All Spark posts (including some interesting and at times humorous speculation). (thread 1, thread 2). We'll let you decide about their credibility -- but we did receive some information from [what we think to be a different source], that overlaps with some of the info in the threads, if that makes things a little more credible...


Thanks go out to all who are still coming back even though our site hasn't been working for over a week. (I'm reading 350 hits in the last 4 hours -- you guys are great!) We've been working like mad to get back up. You may notice that a couple of sections aren't working yet. Please be patient; we're not exactly done getting everything working again.

We'll have updates for you soon as well. As soon as we get our bearings straight!


* Matt Nelson who does the "Super Deformers" comic strip seen on the Computer Comic section has made a T Shirt and is selling them to raise money to help the victims of the U.S. tragedy. More information HERE.
* A few more box pictures of upcoming RID figures added in the 2001 TF page.
* Corrections made in the Sightings Section w/ names, order...


The computer comics section has been updated with the all new story "The Stand of One" written by Rony Tal and illustrated by Aaron Thomas.  Thanks guys for the great work! Enjoy everybody!


* Don't forget, Transformers Robots in Disguise, premieres this Saturday on FOX!

It's nothing real major, but in an effort to further standardize the TF by year pages, we have updated the BWTF pages 1996, 1997, and 1998 which now include a synopsis of each episode, commentary and our humble little plot grading system.  In addition, each box picture is, in fact, now a link to a character page which now exist for every Beast Wars toy in those years.  The pages are largely incomplete, but each has the tech spec information at the very least.  Hey, we gotta start somewhere! 

 9/4 4:54pm

After suffering terrible server woes, the Comics Section is finally updatable again. Act 2 to Dave Reynolds "BMach: Generation's End" is up and ready for your viewing pleasure!


* Loads of new additions of YOUR Section of the Alterations page. Check 'em out!
* You can tell what 'mode' we're in!  The premiere of RID is coming soon and we're scrambling to get those character pages done.  Now the grand-pobah!  2001 TF Page now has OPTIMUS PRIME & more REVIEWS added as well.


gigantatron reports that Transformers Robots in Disguise has been rescheduled on YTV to air in Canada starting Sept 15 at 8:30am.


Is he the greatest MEGATRON toy ever made?  There's no denying he's one of the better incarnations!  But one thing's for sure, his character page sure is long, w/ 6 awesome modes and multiple show pictures galore!  

8/23  More of the same sweet stuff... In the 2001 TF Section now X-BRAWN and SKY-BYTE's character pages are up and running w/ as always, toy pics and several from upcoming new shows.

8/22  In the 2001 Transformers Section, new character pages have been added for two outstanding new toys: Prowl and Side BurnREVIEWS continue to be added.  The Sightings Section has been simplified just a bit in an attempt to reduce the # of brain-iacks' using it to voice their low-IQ thoughts.  And the countdown begins, Transformers: Robots in Disguise begins on FOXkids tv in just 17 more days!


In the 2001 Transformers Section, a new character page has been added for the RID 3-pack Slapper, Dark Scream, and Gas Skunk.  There are tons of pics, so you'll have to be patient as it downloads but hey, these are some cool toys which play a pretty prominent role on the new shows!  Also new REVIEWS are up for viewing too.

 8/8/2001, 8:29am

Several very cool advertisements have been running during FOXkids shows.  The new Transformers: Robots in Disguise shows will debut Saturday, September 8th, exactly one month from today!  Ah, how sweet to hear that original Transforming sound again! :)

 08/01/2001, 9pm

Sure, we could've done character pages much sooner w/ the Japanese versions of the upcoming RID figures, but we wanted to wait until the US ones hit the shelves!  Now up for viewing in the 2001 Transformers section the newest generation of "Mini-bots"  Ironhide and Mirage, Crosswise and Wars, Hotshot and REV.  of course of the best stuff is yet to come!...  --pages include pics from the upcoming RID show on FoxKids!


Alright!  It seems the new Transformers "Robots in Disguise" toys are turning up in different stores all over the country.  We're very excited about the new line which features the return of Autobots vs. Predacons and the toys are GREAT! (reviews forthcoming!)  It's been a long time since any new Autobots have graced the toys shelves here in the U.S.!  (4 years since the "Machine Wars" Autobots, 11 years since the last G2 Autobots and 14 years since Autobots have been featured in U.S. cartoons!)

Well, since we've been reviewing many of the original Autobots for quite awhile, we thought now might be a good time to give a little history of the original PREDACONS!  Check out their all-new character pages in the 1986 TF Section: Razorclaw, Divebomb, Headstrong, Rampage, Tantrum and of course Predaking!  And, since I had the excuse to build new links, new pages have also been added for BWars Razorclaw & Rampage.

 7/25/2001, 8:09am

Richard F. Suarez added a new comic to the Computer Comics section: "Offset" by Claire Garza

 07/13, 14, 18, 19, 21... 2001
* In addition to Arcee, one of the biggest highlights of BotCon '01 for me was getting to tour the art room and see SO many outstanding alterations.  Check out: YOUR section of the alterations page for a few (but not all) of the many outstanding highlights!
* More in box TF pictures added in the 1990, 1993, 1994, 1995, sections!
* This just in: the Arcee toy ROCKS! and you can see and learn all about it in her newly  installed Arcee Character page linked to from the 2001 Transformers section.
* The TF toy REVIEWS section has been updated 
* We continue our report on BotCon '01 with box-pics for the exclusive figures in the 2001 Transformers page.  There you'll find a link to Tigatron's character page, which is up and running.  Arcee's is comin' up next!
* A more complete report of the events of Botcon is forthcoming.  However, in the meantime, we thought you might like to see a few fun pics.
* The G1 character panel was great fun.  Here are some shots of Michael Bell (Prowl, Bombshell, Dr. Fugiama!...) Pic 1, Pic 2;  Greg Berger (Grimlock, Skyfire...)  Pic 1, Pic 2; and John Stephenson Pic 1 were great entertainers, funny, and dang what a set of pipes they've got!  We always get such a kick out of voice talent!
* Speaking of talented voice guys!  Gary Chalk and Scott McNeil were as hilarious as ever and were surprisingly candid w/ their thoughts on Beast Machines!  (They didn't seem too fond of what their characters became.)  We did make a recording and hope to have sound files of some of the highlights in the not too distant future.
* More box picture thumbnails of RID toys have been added to the 2001 section.
 7/13/2001 -- Theme song
In Celebration of BotCon and Friday the 13, I've (finally) released The theme song! It's no remix or revamp. It's a totally original song that I composed, produced, recorder, sang, and played guitar for entitled Unicron's Descent. I'd probably describe as Techno/Rock-ish but you can decide for yourself. I've spent literally months producing this song, but being that this is my first polished, produced song it will go much smoother next time. For more information about it, check out the multimedia page. I hope you take the time to download and listen to it. I am quite proud of it. I hope you like it. -Jason Lukis
 July 2001

BotCon '01 approaches & because it was this time last year we announced our grand ambitions, the first Accessory Pack, we're starting to get asked about what we have in store for this year's show.  Which is why we think it's prudent that we make an 'announcement' about this year's offering.  Unfortunately, it is not the best of news, as we had to make a decision to not go forward with this particular project.

We will be attending the 'con, but this year not as dealers.  However, we put so much time and effort into its design, we thought it'd be a shame not to show you what we had up our sleeves!  (It's always something!)  I guess you can call this, the first UNPRODUCED PROTOTYPE.  Click the link to see what might-have-been, what it would have looked like and why sadly we had to decide not to produce it.


You'll find tons of outstanding new additions that are definitely worth checking in           "YOUR Section" of the Alterations Page.


Updates in the 2001 Transformers page include a new character page for Blast Punch Optimus Primal, and the addition of Robots in Disguise figure listing w/ the start of box pic thumbnails.  You'll also find the first review of BPPrimal in the Reviews Section.


Did you know that Bob Skir is involved in the re-write/translation of the upcoming RID cartoon series!?  He has an interesting Q&A page here.  As anticipated, it doesn't sound as tho they can go do much to make the show fit in w/ the rest of the TF universe.  Awesome toys, but I wouldn't set expectations too high. They can only do so much w/ a show that's already done!  Same TF names, different 'alternate-reality' universe.  BUT, they will make that sweet transforming sound we all loved on the G1 TF shows!


Just a couple of tid-bits to tell you about regarding the TF Sightings Section:
- In anticipation of their widespread release, Robots in Disguise figures are now listed.
- The names of RID figures are shown exactly as they are in the Hasbro Price List.  For instance, it may be a typo but they have his name there listed as "Grasskunk," yes he's listed as Speedbreaker, etc... For now, names will remain as seen on their price list.
- I'd also like to make a request.  If you are one of those comedians out there who has been submitting false sightings, swear words... please stop.  Thanks, we appreciate it.
-For everyone else (the vast majority), please keep the sightings coming so we can all know when you find what! (Some RID figures are on ebay now!)  The Sightings Area is one of the most visited areas of & we couldn't do it without ya!  Thanks.


Outstanding new character pages (if I do say so myself!) can be found in the 1986 Transformers page.  The new goodies include the AerialbotsAir Raid, Fireflight, Silverbolt, Skydive, Singshot and Superion.  Enjoy!

 6/22/2001, 12:11am

If you've been missing the Sightings page in the last few days, you'll be glad to hear that it's back up. It's not really finished with the upgrade (in fact, I wouldn't even say it's half-finished) but in what is becoming typical form, I'm opening the page up before things are really complete. So enjoy!

 6/15/2001, 6:08pm

You may have noticed some changes in the graphic structure of our main page in the last few days. That's because we've been experimenting with new looks and formats. I'm sure if you stop in in the next few days (and prior days), you'll see various "trial editions" for our site. Stay tuned until we finally come to a resolution! If you have comments, we would like to hear them. (Send to

 6/13/2001, 10:23pm

After years being off-line, the Lukis Bros' TF Review section is back, and very full. Good luck reading all we have to say. We tried to keep our words as few as possible, but even so there's a lot there to read. Our more devoted site visitors will recognize that we've kept some themes from the old review page.

Also, a word from Richard Suarez who maintains our Computer Comics section:
"Well, the Computer Comics section has reached 40,000 hits. On this occasion, the "Transformer Funnies" section has been added to the comics section, and it launches with the hilarious "Superdeformers" funnies by Matt Nelson."

There are no character pages yet but G2 Transformers Sections now exist!  Linked to on the main index page, you'll find links to the new 1993, 1994, and 1995 TF pages.
Man the Computer Comics Section kicked some serious arse this month! 1st Defiant's new comic debuted, then Don did a new act of Macromasters, and NOW...
Dave Reynolds  (author of "The Curse of Protoform X" and "Dark Glass..." begins his new comic "Beast Machines Generation's End".  This is his first TF comic that he made solo, and it may be his best one. We really love it so far. It takes place after the ending of Beast Machines. Dave came Very close to not doing this comic at all, and it was originally meant to be in black and white.  Enjoy!   -Defiant

How's this for an "update?"  --Ya-hoo! Our site exists again! --
Alright!  We're back online.  Thanks to all for your patience.  It took more monkeyin' around than you'd care to hear about; what a pain in the dingus! But we're up & running and in a BIG way.  Yea, 'BIG' as in new character pages for Trypticon and Skylynx have been added in the 86 Transformers Section

- Oh, & if you've found Blast Punch Primal, Unicorn... don't forget to update the Sightings Page! Happy weekend everyone.


More G1 TF character pages added in the 1986 Transformers Section.  All new are pages added for Reflector, Ratbat, Runabout, and Runamuck.  Only a few 1986 Decepticons left! Yea, savin' some of the best for last!  :)


Check out the Computer Comics Section!  There you'll find part one of Richard F. Suarez' all new story: Legacy of Darkness.  Enjoy! (We sure did! :) 


More character pages added; this time for newer toys in the 2000TF & 2001TF pages.  You'll find all new pages for two of my personal favorite Beast Machines toys: Strika and the Mororcycle Drone, as well as Spystreak and revamped Deluxe Thrust and Obsidian figures from 2000.  Have a great rest of the weekend!


Well, I guess it's true!  Back in our younger days, we did, in fact, have lower standards for show accurate toys!  For instance, the toy for Swindle was about as close to the way he looked in the show as the Mega Tankor toy was to the way he looked in Beast Machines!  Yet we loved those G1 toys all the same!  Check out the the latest additions in the 1986 Transformers page:  Each and every one of the Combaticons!  Blast Off, Brawl, Onslaught, Swindle, Vortex and, of course, Bruticus!  Enjoy. 


* you'll find lots more addtions in Your Section of the Alterations page, including among many other things, two different guys who gave Night Slash Cheetor a new paint job, (making a bad toy considerably less bad! :)
* Oh, I stand corrected, Deadend HAS appeared in the TF universe besides his G1 stunticon self, and I have updated his character page w/ the info!  Thanks to those who pointed this out.  It was also pointed out to me that the Quintessons were mentioned in Beast Rider Che's tech specs.  The gnaw character page has also been updated.


* Angel Santiago e-mailed me about about a great new fanzine under construction inspired by Transformers!  It's called Rebel's Terraform! Visit the site HERE.
*   Doug Eide e-mailed me with a cool link of one place where you can buy the first 6 episodes of BW on DVD.
* Gene Kwan also pointed out a great site that's selling Transformers The Movie posters It's at 

 4/17/2001, 12:35am

For the younger TF fans out there who have wondered about the Key to Vector Sigma (mentioned and seen in Beast Machines) this is your chance to learn about its 'G1 origin.  Check out the 1986 Transformers Section as character pages continue to be added for the Decepticons.  In this case, each and every one of the Stuntacons: Breakdown, Deadend, Dragstrip, Motormaster, Wildrider and, of course, Menasor.  

 4/16/2001, 2:08pm, Central

We've been receiving many, many comments about how long it's been since our last update. Well, the fact of the matter is that our server was screwed up and we couldn't get on to make updates. We're sorry for the down-time, and thanks for checking in with us still! Here's some of what's been happening in the meanwhile...
*On the computer comics page, the latest installment of Macromasters is up. We strongly recommend that you check it out. (We hope to soon have a 'last updated' date for this listed on our main page.)
*Surprise, surprise, the Lukis Bros. are on to a new web-experiment. The 'Transformer Database' will be growing to be a comprehensive resource of every transformer, fictitious or otherwise. It will soon support links to web places relating to specific transformers. Please send these or any other input to me at

 3/13/2001, 1:35am

We're happy to announce that Richard F. Suarez author/illustrator of Shadow in the Sky joins the team!  As site maintenance has become quite a multi-faceted and often time consuming endeavor, Rich will now be the host, maintaining the Fan Made Computer Comics Section.  As well as working on his own new projects, you'll find an all new very well illustrated comic by Don Figueroa called Macromasters!  Enjoy! and like us, we all look forward to many great things to come! :) 

 3/11/2001, 12:35am

Every year's character pages have got to start somewhere!  And this is the beginning of some awfully great year!  You'll find the first three all new character pages in the 1986 Transformers Section, the classics: Galvatron, Cyclonus and Scourge!
More updates in the 2001 Transformers page, including box pic of Strika and thanks to Conrad of Night Slash Cheetor.

 Jan-Feb, 2001

We highly recommend that you find yourself a copy of Tomart's Action Figure Digest, #83, January 2001, on the magazine racks right now!  (We finally found ourselves a copy!!!)  Pages 38-39 has a feature article on our very own Accessory Packs!  It's well written & contains never-before-seen pictures of how the parts were produced!

We'd also like to extend a very sincere thank you to Tomart's Editors and especially Brian Doyle who wrote the article.  <blush, blush>  What an honor.  Thanks guys!


You'll find several updates in the 2001 Transformers page, including new character pages for the newest wave to toys in ~some stores now: Beast Changer (Savage/Noble), the Sonic Attack Jet, Rapticon and Terranotron.

 2/18/2001, 6:06pm, Central

The Unicron Art Site revised slightly again to be more surfer-friendly. I'm hoping to keep up these slight changes in the next week or so, so keep checking in. And we can always use more computer artists. The site is really starting to take off thanks to you!


Interesting pictures of differently colored Car Robots brothers on the hasbro site. "Transformers Asst 2". (from Redjack Ryan).

TFW2005 has stumbled on an interesting report for Hasbro investors (also found HERE)  which confirms the rumors we had heard that the AWESOME Japanese Transformers (Carrobots) are coming to America!  Get ready for "Transformers: Robots in Disguise" with Megatron (Gigatron), Optimus Prime (Super Fire Convoy) and others to join the cast of characters to be sold in the U.S. as well as having a show appear 6 days a week on FOX kids!  -yippee! :)    ((we think that the new shows may be the same as those seen in Japan (with traditional cell animation) dubbed in English.  But we're not certain).  ...more info on this to come...

2/8  --Actually, we kindof liked the TF packaging type look of the media sections so we've given similiar new looks to the 1984TF, 1985TF, and 1988TF pages as well
2/5  --The 1987 Transformers Page has been given a new 87TF-esque look including a media section which outlines the comics and 4th all too small season of shows. 

It seems the rumors are true. <sigh.> Takara seems to be giving up on Transformers; for now. <sigh> How sad.  Their newest line of transforming robots will not carry the name Transformers.  They're called, "Web Riders."  Check em out HERE.

- The 1986 Transformers Page has been updated with a new 'media section' (the left column) which includes Transformers Season 3 episode synopsis, links to the third year of TF comic covers, and image/link to Transformers: The Movie poster. 


- Updates/additions in the 2001 TF page including a new character page for Rattrap & box pic of "Beast Changer" apparently the new name for Savage/Noble <yuck!>.  
- Sunstreaker's character page has been updated w/ a 3D pic by Aaron Thomas.
-On a side note, the new Rattrap toy rocks!  In my opinion, it is, by far, the best Rattrap toy ever made.  Great articulation, posability, & transformation!  With the possible exception of Blackarachnia, I'd even say that he looks more like his show self than any other Beast Machines toy to date.  What a shame that we only get the toy now; almost 19 months since we saw the first episodes of Beast Machines at BotCon '99.


- The 'what parts come with..." portion of instructions added to the new character pages (Blitzwing, Astrotrain, Barrage, Chop Shop, Ransack, Venom).  Does anyone out there have the card backs of the Constructicons?  If you could scan the portion that shows what parts come with each toy and send me images we'd all appreciate it!  Thanks!
- News page consolidated & given a news-papery lookin' new banner.  
- New cartoon pics added to Scrapper and Skids' character pages.
- Don't worry, it's not like we won't work on it again, but the 1985 Transformers Section is roughly completed, as all new character pages have been added for the last remaining Decepticons: Blitzwing, &  Astrotrain, and the Deluxe Insecticons: Barrage, Chop Shop, Ransack, and Venom. Enjoy! (Finally, we can put some attention into the '86TF page next! :) 

 1/23/01, 4pm

* Charlie reports the following info about the upcoming release of TF shows on DVD!  "...Rhino plans to release the original series on DVD this year. What you might not know, is that releasing all episodes, in chronological order is NOT in their plans! I didn't know this until I wrote to Kid Rhino and asked about it.  Their response: 
--Charlie, We will not be issuing the episodes in chronological order. Sorry. But I'll forward your plea to the appropriate executive and perhaps he may be won over.--
So, we're getting Transformers on DVD!  Now, we only need to convince Kid Rhino that we want ALL the episodes, in chronological order, as opposed to a few hand picked ones like the VHS releases!"  Hop to it folks!  Let them know your thoughts on the subject! :)

* Sven wrote us to report that the second Auto-Assembly Meeting will be taking place on March 4th in Birmingham, England.  For more details please Click HERE. The Auto- Assembly details are in the Cybertronian Times section of the site.


Finally!  We've had a chance to make some great new character page additions!  You'll find them in the 1985 Transformers Page.  They include 7 classics, The ConstructiconsBonecrusher, Hook, Long Haul, Mixmaster, Scavenger, Scrapper, and yes Devastator! Check 'em out by clicking the links above or w/ the box tumbnail links on 85 TF Page.

 1/20/2001, 3:56pm

* Can you make images that are particular pixel dimensions? The Unicron Art Site wants you to post your art. -- Art Site newly revised, and ready for more entrees!
* Our new TF Links Page needs your help! Soon, you'll be able to see what's been updated on not just, but all TF web sites. The trick is, it needs your input, because, there are just too many for us to go through. 

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