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Gallery images of many new Animated characters

Posted by:
Sabrblade at 2010-08-09 4:14 pm
Animated ain't dead yet in the U.S., it would seem. Even after the 42-episode TV cartoon series has reached its end, it's still alive and kicking in the form of other products. Aside from a few remaining figures that have yet to be released, one such piece of merchandise that has breathed new life into this series is the largely fanservice-filled book, The AllSpark Almanac II.

From this book came several additions to the lore of the Malgus cluster (as the world of Animated is known in universal terms) in the form of new character images and descriptions. While there's an obvious unliklihood of any of these receiving toys of their own (due to their existence proceeding the toyline's developmental end), they're still interesting individuals to view and learn about.

While these new faces were introduced in the book, many of them have reappeared in Bill Forster's Deviant Art gallery for our viewing pleasure. While not all of the images of his gallery are not Transformers-related, the first 38 images are of all kinds of TF:Animated goodness; beginning with the Decepticon poet Sky-Byte and ending with the Skullgrin ad.

Be sure to read what descriptions accompany their images (after being clicked on) to learn a little more about each character.

cyberwuss said,  - 2010-08-09 22:10:32
I really want this book and the first one, can't wait to find rodimus minor since hearing he was going to be released!
lioconvoy said,  - 2010-08-10 03:33:32
i truely wouldn't be shocked if we got mor animated caricters in the generations line
hot rod said,  - 2010-08-10 17:24:58
when will rodimus minor be released? book looks cool cheetor looks italian O.O
lioconvoy said,  - 2010-08-10 18:19:23
it is already out on a chinese site called robot kingdom and it's all lajit. or preorder most places. might already be out on big bad toystore and capow
Mikimus Prime said,  - 2010-08-10 22:36:41
Sideswipe looks a little like cliffjumper.
Sabrblade. said,  - 2010-08-11 10:24:51
My thoughts:
* Sky-Byte - Yikes! He's a beast!
* Rosanna - okay
* Alexis Thi Dang - meh
* Thulsa Doom and her Moons - ...
* Hot Spot Major - okay
* Big Bang Prime - okay
* Sunstreaker - O_O Those ears!
* Sideswipe - heh
* Cheetor - Yeow! Makes ya look forward to the TransTech Cheetor figure
* Catilla and friends - ...
* Astroscope Chart - cool
* Astroscope Constellations - cool
* Lugnut - GLORIOUS!
* Frenzy - Yikes! He is Silver! :P
* Override Prime - looks too much like Cyb. Override
* Antagony - meh
* Cy-Kill - Say uncle!
* Hound - he's a Red Beret!
* Railspike Major - looks too much like RiD Railspike
* B.O.T. - "Uh, y—lemme get a shake...some fries, side of barbecue sauce... uh, what's a Manwich?" XD
* Ai - So... is she a human now?
* Thrush, Tsathoggua 'n her moon - whatever
* Thuvia and her moons - whatever
* Inner Office Envelope - Cybertronian text!
* Boxtron comic - ROFLOL!!!
* Repugnus - So gross and cute all at once
* Johnny - I hope this is just a camo and not an attempt to make him into an actual TF character
* Sky Lynx - dig those teeth!
* Ulchtar - cool, but the name is unfamiliar to me
* Astrotrain - Moon Man!
* Longrack Major - He's got a long rack! XD
* Hello NekoMimi Stationary A - Hello Kitty reference
* Hello NekoMimi Stationary B - They were the catgirls from the Energon special episode
* Wreck-Gar Garbage O's - PURE WIN!
* Garbage O's back of box - I'd buy it!
* Blackarachnia Venus Magazine - Too many nods to count. :P
* Animated Skullgrin Mutant - so that's what he'd look like. Now the trio of Blood, Gilmer, and Dauros is complete.
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