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Transformers Hall of Fame -#4

Posted by:
Perceptor at 2010-05-06 10:22 am
Check out to see the 4th nominee in the Hall of Fame contest.  So far they have not included our site's top choice Dinobot...  (but have included many of our others) We'll see tomorrow...

Saberfrost said,  - 2010-05-06 15:19:30
Semi good choice shockwave was one of my favorite transformers from G-1
Masterforce said,  - 2010-05-06 16:12:38
I predict #5 is Devastator. Or what if its Unicron?
Masterforce said,  - 2010-05-07 18:13:32
But good luck, for Dinobot. But i'm just curious, why does everyone like him so much anyway? He wasn't really that important.
Byrerprime said,  - 2010-05-08 14:13:14
When you say Dinobot wasn't important, we are talking Beast Wars, correct. He's the only TF I know that actually laid down his life willingly. And for the human race, at that. But I think the hall of fame characters are going to be all G1 for now.
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