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Perceptor at 2003-07-18 11:15 pm   (site update)
Before Armada Overload, there was the 1989 Mini-Con, er I mean "Micromaster Transport" with the same name! Given my speculation about the connection between Mini-cons and Micromasters, perhaps someone can start a thread discussing the possibility that the two are connected or are actually the same individual? Regardless, you can view the all new original Micromaster Overload character page this weekend, along w/ 2 others, now linked to in the 1989 TF section : Ironworks and (could there possibly be a worse name ever given to a transformer?!?!) Erector! Seriously!!
Enjoy the weekend everybody! Can't wait to see/meet everyone at OTFCC in one short week.
BTW, stay tuned, BIG NEWS to be revealed soon!

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