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Perceptor at 2003-02-09 12:11 pm   (site update)
Okay, you can pick your jaw up off the floor. I know it has been a LONG time since I updated w/ new character pages! But I've had some pretty good excuses! My wife gave birth to a happy and healthy baby daughter several months ago! (We've been BUSY!) In addition, we've had "server issues" that made it difficult for me to update and lets face it, those Armada cartoons don't exactly inspire me to want to charge into TF page updating!

Needless to say, many issues have been resolved. You'll now find all the US TF by year pages as instead of .com (allows me to update) And more importantly, I feel excited about TF's again (thanks mostly to the efforts of Dreamwave Comics.)

Okay, lets start with a little history lesson! Way back in 1987, Hasbro released the first of a new series of TFs. "Headmasters" could transform from vehicle to robot and came with a smaller transformable figure that served as both the driver of the vehicle & tf into the head of the bot. Unlike the small "Mini-cons" of TF:Armada which are just smaller TF's from Cybertron, the smaller figures that accompanied Headmasters were not from Cybertron. They were from Nebulos; organic, human-like beings with an 'exo-suit' that allowed them to "binary bond" & transform into the head (or gun in the case of the Targetmasters) of their partner. In 1987 the first wave of Autobot Headmasters included: Brainstorm, Chromedome Hardhead and Highbrow.

Hope you find this worth the long wait! More to come, SOON! :)

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