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Perceptor at 2003-02-15 10:21 am   (site update)
In (you guessed it) 1987, Goldbug was released as a member of the Autobot's "Throttlebot" team. He was of particular interest to Transfans, since he is the rebuilt, new-attitude version of the ever-popular/hated G1 "Bumblebee." Goldbug's origin was told in very different ways in the comics & the cartoons.

In the comics, before being rebuilt as Goldbug, Bumblebee was blown to bits by the forces of GI Joe (probably one of the first times their bullets actually hit what they were aiming for!) This took place in the 4 part GI Joe/Transformers crossover mini-series. In the cartoon series, he got banged up badly and rebuilt as Goldbug towards the end of the cartoon series, "The Return of Optimus Prime" chronologically taking place after 2005 & TF:TM. Learn more about him in his newly created character page, HERE!

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