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Nevermore at 2006-02-24 6:49 am
Well, that was fast. A few days after the Transformers Collectors' Club revealed the "mystery bonus pack-in feature" that's supposed to come with the initial shipments of the US release of Cybertron Primus, Hasbro followed suit by officially revealing that very feaure to the public on their own website. The item is a Unicron head with major battle damage and tentacles.

Meanwhile, the Collectors' Club finally revealed their second free toy for Club members: Landquake, a repaint of Energon Kickback, the Bruticus Maximus combiner limb, can be seen here and here. Despite what was stated previously, this toy is not remolded at all.

Additionally, TFW2005 have posted listings for a large number of new Hasbro toys that are scheduled to be released between March and May. The listings, which can be found here, include wave 4 of the Cybertron mini-Con two-packs (due out in May), which consists of Scrap Iron vs. Grindor, Blastcharge vs. Highwire and Backblast vs. Sureshock, furthermore wave 8 of the Cybertron Scouts (due out in May) including an all-new Mini-Con Team (new molds) and a Ransack redeco named "Ransack GT", wave 7 of ther Cybertron Deluxes (due out in April) consisting of Skywarp (Thundercracker redeco) and Cannonball (Red Alert redeco), wave 6 of the Cybertron Voyagers (due out in May) which includes Nemesis Breaker (Leobreaker redeco), wave 5 of the Cybertron Ultras (due out in May) which includes Menasor with Mini-Con Heavy Load (new molds), wave 3 of the Cybertron Leaders (due out in May) with features Metroplex (new mold), wave 2 of the Cybertron Supremes which apparently features both versions of Primus (with and without the Unicron head), the new Alternators wave (due out in May) which features the debut of Mirage (Ford GT, nw mold) and a re-release of Meister (similar to Tracks a few months back), the new Beast Wars 10th Anniversary Deluxe Optimus Primal and Megatron molds (due out in May) and the first wave of the Titaniums/"Robot Masters" which consists of War Within Optimus Prime, Beast Wars Megatron, Unicron, "Alternator Sideswipe", Starscream and "Alternator Jazz".

Lastly, Hasbro have finally updated their Alternators and Beast Wars sections which now feature product listings, box artwork (!), bios and lots of other nifty stuff.

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