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Hasbro stock photos of Titanium Cheetor and The Fallen, "Classics" Soundwave reissue delayed?

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Nevermore at 2006-12-10 7:05 am
Big Bad Toy Store features the first Hasbro stock photos for the Titanium figures of Cheetor (based on the Beast Machines toy) and The Fallen (from Dreamwave's "The War Within vol. 2: The Dark Ages"). While both figures have been on display at BotCon, this is the first look we get at the vehicle mode for The Fallen.

Note that Cheetor and The Fallen will ship with the sixth wave of the 6" Titanium figures, following wave 4 (G1 Soundwave and G1 Rodimus Prime) and wave 5 (RiD Optimus Prime and War Within Starscream, a repaint of Thundercracker from wave 2). The current wave is the third one, with Beast Wars' Optimal Optimus and G1 Scourge.

Meanwhile, there seems to be quite some confusion regarding the Soundwave reissue that's supposed to come out as a Toys'R'Us exclusive "Commemorative Edition". Previously, TRU's website has listed the toy with a December release date, which many people have taken at face value. However, TRU's website has been known to be anything but accurate, thus any exact dates are more likely than not random guessing at best.

However, now the situation has become even weirder, with TRU not only informing people who have preordered the toy from their website that the release of Soundwave will be "delayed", but also cancelling all preorders that were placed after the projected release date. And to make matters even more confusing, the listing for Soundwave has now been removed from their website altogether.

Before anyone starts worrying, though: Asian sellers (the kind that officially sells larger quantities of legally acquired stock, not the kind that deals with pre-production samples stolen from the factory) have gotten the toy in stock now, as does Big Bad Toy Store! You can see the listing for the latter here.

So, what does this mean now? Have TRU backed out of the exclusive deal once again, before the first toy has even had a chance of warming shelves? Or is the toy currently on its way to brick and mortar TRU stores, and it's just the TRU website staff displaying their apparent incompetence again?

Paul Jr. said,  - 2006-12-10 12:25:32
cool toys
Knightwing said,  - 2006-12-10 13:42:06
It's too bad TRU can't seem to keep their head on straight. I'd like to see them suceed as one of only 2 toy cahins left. Things like this only annoy adult customers and hurt chances we will go to their stores first.
JetFire said,  - 2006-12-15 16:04:28
Nice Fallen, but I want to see Cheetor's beast mode.
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