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Cool TF Auctions: Beast Wars 64 and Japanese TF cartoons!

Posted by:
Xavier6 at 2006-12-13 9:29 am
As you may know,  there are only 3 American Transformers Video games.  Here is a chance to get one that is really cool! The BW 64 game is better than the PS1 game based on its more than a fighting game. Hi I am Xavier6 and hope to bring you more cool auctions over the coming weeks.

We can only hope that Headmasters and Masterforce and Victory see the light of day here in the states. We finally got Scramble City. Granted it was commentary only but you cant argue too much. Check out some of the box sets people have bootlegged.

JJ said,  - 2006-12-13 09:35:32
Hey cool I had no idea they made this for the 64.
TriPredRavage said,  - 2006-12-13 13:34:34
I don't know Xavier6, I have both versions of the Beast Wars Transmetals game and I must say that I enjoyed the Playstation version much more than I did the Nintendo 64 version. I just liked how the secret characters were actually made to look like they did in the show, rather than just the base character with a paintjob. I did like Waspinator and Terrorsaur though. Still didn't get to play as Rhinox. Oh well, I'm rambling. Welcome to the fold!
The N64 version has mini games the PS1 version does not
TriPredRavage said,  - 2006-12-13 17:24:43
The PS1 version had cinematics though. And Rampage and the Fuzors.
MightyMaximal said,  - 2006-12-17 00:44:44
There was also an Ocean Software Transformers game in 1985 for Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum and also an Activision game in 1986 for the Commodore 64.

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