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Nevermore at 2006-04-04 12:16 pm
Just a quick note on international releases for Hasbro toys not sighted in US stores yet...

- Wave 3 of the Legends of Cybertron sub-line (Galvatron, Soundwave, Vector Prime and Red Alert) is currently out in Hong Kong and Canada.
- Alternators Optimus Prime is currently out in Hong Kong and the Philippines, and has also been briefly in stock at US-based online retailers.
- Cybertron Voyager Class Soundwave (with Laserbeak) has been released in Hong Kong a few days ago. - Wave 7 of the Cybertron Scout Class toys (Shortround and Repugnus) has just been released in New Zealand today. - Series 4 of the Micromaster combiners, the Aerialbots (Storm Jet, Silverbolt, Air Raid, Skydive, Fireflight and Ro-tor), is currently out in the UK, Ireland and Belgium. Keep in mind that the European versions come on "Cybertron" cards and are mass releases, whereas the US versions will come on "Universe" cards and will be exclusive to KB Toys stores.

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