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Mighty Maximal at 2006-02-06 12:18 pm
Don Murphy, one of the Producers on the Dreamworks Transformers Movie has updated his site with some comments about the current status of the new movie, and his continuing desire to persuade the "Money Men" at Dreamworks and Paramount that it is a good idea in most Transfans view to have the 'Original Transformers' voice artists Peter Cullen & Frank Welker as Optimus Prime's & Megatron's voice talent on the movie currently due for a hoped for release date of July 4th 2007. The Post can be found here : HERE

The parts of most interest is quoted as follows :
I should tell you all that the Cullen/Welker thing is far from a done deal. I spoke to some Dreamworks execs last week long distance and they really think the old voices link our new movie to old things. I disagree. I know you do too. It will be Michael Bay's decision. When I prepare my report to him about this very subject I will let you know. I believe this is the ONLY thing the fanbase is in agreement with. And before reporting this as news, like a lame site like Cinescape might do, be advised- NO DECISION HAS BEEN MADE YET about the voice actors, EITHER WAY.

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