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Perceptor at 2006-05-31 5:52 pm   (site update)
There's a good chunk of question and answers that didn't get transcribed with our original version of the interview with TF comic artist, Don Figueroa.  This oversight has been corrected and you can either visit the link for the complete interview or if you've read the rest of it, the newly added q&a is shown below:

U.c: How long does it take you to draw a single comic, from cover to final page?
DF: when I'm on a roll, I've done a whole book in about 2 .5 weeks, lately it takes a bit longer since I have to ink my own stuff and I do have additional work.
U.c: How far ahead do you have to work?  For example, Beast Wars #4 just hit the shelves today, when did you actually finish drawing it? (last Friday?! :)
DF: I forget, but I think I was almost done with the series when #1 came out.
U.c: Love your original design characters like pre-Beast Wars Razorbeast, Magmatron, War Within everything...!  Tell us about your process of coming up with these new character designs.
DF: well, if I was given a name first, I would come up with an alt mode that reflects the name and make sure it makes sense. (I would'nt want to name a crane Smokescreen or anything silly like that, LOL)  when I have an alt mode, I'll try to figure out a plausible transformation and a robot that would fit with said vehicle mode. I try to experiment sometimes and come up with different transformation like making the wings turn into legs instead of it going on the back (WWRatbat) or the jet Cockpit being on the arm instead on the chest..etc.

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