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Nevermore at 2006-01-10 2:29 pm
As a follow-up to the story from three days ago, Entertainment Earth have now added images for all the upcoming new Cybertron and Alternators releases reported before. You can find the links here at the Allspark boards.

Since most of these toys have already been seen officially one way or another (either being on display at BotCon, as in Cybertron Defense Scattorshot, Soundwave, Dark Crumplezone and Nemesis Breaker's case, or larger images being provided by Hasbro to other websites and online stores, as in Wing Saber, Sky Shadow, Lugnutz, Scrapmetal and Alternators Rollbar, Ricochet and Optimus Prime's case), the only really new images are Doubleclutch (also still listed as "Override GTS", the final name of the toy could be either) and Excellion from Cybertron Deluxe Class wave 6 and Repugnus (Undermine repaint) and Shortround (new mold, a hovercraft we first saw as an unpainted prototype and whose box artwork was later featured in the left sidebar at the official Transformers Collector's Club website) from Cybertron Scout Class wave 7.

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