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Nevermore at 2006-06-29 1:45 pm
Well, so much for the countdown. Someone who will find himself unemployed very soon thought it would be a cool idea to leak the teaser trailer for next year's Transformers live action movie to a certain video hosting website. After Paramount tried to have it taken down a few times, only to have someone else put it up again, they decided to do the only sensible thing and put the teaser up on the official movie website. So enjoy the teaser, and don't forget to thank the person whom none of you will remember anymore in a few days from now for making this possible.

In other news, new toys have been released to US retail. TFW2005 member Signal Lancer reported here having found wave 4 of the Legends of Cybertron toys (Thundercracker, Sunstorm, Hot Shot repaint and Optimus Prime repaint) and various of the 3" Titanium Robot Masters figures at his local Toys'R'Us store in Beavercreek, Ohio, and backed it up with in-store photos for the LoCs and the Titaniums.

Now this is where it gets weird: The Titaniums seen in the picture are Starscream, Autobot Jazz, Side Swipe (all three wave 2 figures), Beast Wars Optimus Primal, and Cybertron Megatron (both wave 3 figures), whereas the wave 1 figures (War Within Optimus Prime, Unicron and Beast Wars Megatron) are nowhere to be seen.

So it would appear the TRU store just got a shipment of wave 3, which includes wave 2 carry-overs, but no wave 1 figures. Whether those will ever show up at US retail remains to be seen.

In any case, remember to post your own sightings for LoC Thundercracker, LoC Sunstorm, LoC Optimus Prime redeco and LoC Hot Shot redeco.

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