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Nevermore at 2006-01-27 8:11 am
It looks like the new Collectors' Club magazine is out. Thanks to Allspark member MightyMegs, the following news have become public:

- The Cybertron Deluxe Class Red Alert repaint we saw before is named "Cannonball". He is supposed to be a Decepticon pirate (!), decked out in skull decals. Scheduled for a May release.
- Nemesis Breaker, the redeco of Voyager Class Leobreaker (Hasbro's version of Galaxy Force Dark Ligerjack), was already shown at BotCon, so nothing particularly new here.
- The new molds for Beast Wars Optimus Primal and Megatron that were previously shown at BotCon (the magazine calls them "wave 3") are depicted. The toys will come with miniature Axalon and Predacon ships, respectively.
- Alternators Mirage (Ford GT, unpainted prototype shown at BotCon) is depicted in full color. Release date is May 2006. The same wave is also supposed to include a re-release of the prviously hard to find Meister.
- Other news: The Giant Planet poster is supposed to ship with toys starting in Summer, the Fall theme for Cybertron is named "Primus Unleashed" and will be introduced beginning with the toys that ship in May, and new Mini-Con molds (not depicted) are supposed to come out in July.
- The second free Club figure is going to be a redeco of Energon Kickback (Bruticus Maximus limb) named Landquake. No pictures were shown, but it's currently being speculated that the colors might be those of an oddly-colored version of Kickback that surfaced in Asia a few months back.

Following a direct request by the Collectors' Club staff, most Transformers fan sites are refraining from posting scans of the Club magazine. Apparently, though, not all sites seem to share those moral standards.

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