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Nevermore at 2006-01-31 3:21 pm
Just a small update to the Rollbar/Ricochet story: TFW2005 member Omnibus Prime posted receipt pics today which confirm the US release of both toys once and for all.

In other news, the latest edition of Insidepulse's "Cybertronian Enquirer" includes a rumor about a Cadillac XLR Alternator that is supposed to come out even before Rumble.

Also, regarding the authentic-looking G1 Optimus Prime bootlegs, there's a black variant available as well now, which appears to be based on a Japanese convention exclusive repaint from a few years back. Of course, said convention exclusive didn't come in Hasbro packaging either. So please don't let yourself be duped into paying inflated prices for recent (illegal, even!) replicas of G1 toys under the false impression that those are genuine vintage toys (or previously undocumented variations thereof).

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