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Laine Severyn at 2006-05-23 8:12 pm
Greetings from Down Under,

TF news is kinda slow here in Oz as nothing much happens here that's exclusive to Australia.
Local DVD company Madman are putting a stop to that with news of their Beast Wars complete season sets packed with extras not found on any previous DVD release anywhere on Earth!

The Season One 4-disc boxed set is already out in stores (and available from Madman's website and includes three world exclusive audio commentaries by Bob Forward, Larry DiTillio and Benson Yee, interviews with Forward and DiTillio as well as a preview of a much more in depth world exclusive interview.  Also included are detailed character profiles, scans of the original Beast Wars pack-in comic, toy galleries and toy commercials.

Madman have announced that their Season Two boxed set will be out on the 27th of July (up for pre-order at and will include seven world exclusive audio commentaries, an exclusive hour long story editors interview called "Soul of the Beast Wars", fan convention panels with Gary "Optimus Primal" Chalk and David "Megatron" Kaye from Transformerscon 2004 and 2005 and world exclusive Mainframe animation tests revealing early Beast Wars development.  Also included  are more character profiles, more toy commercials and more toy galleries.

In even more Madman news, the madhouse have announced plans for a "Best of G1" boxed set.  Madman have already released all of G1 across six boxed sets, however this new 10 episode DVD package will be unique because Madman are inviting Australian fans to request which 10 episodes are truly the best of G1.  Madman hope to comission exclusive artwork for the cover (like they did for their TF: The Movie DVD with exclusive Don Figueroa artwork) and pack these DVDs with never-before-seen exclusive bonus features.

Yep, it's a good time to be an Australian fan of Transformers cartoons.

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