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Byrerprime at 2006-09-14 7:52 pm
If you haven't picked up a copy of IDW's Transformers: Spotlight #1 featuring Shockwave, I would seriously consider doing so. Shockwave may be cold and boring, but this issue also involves the Dynobots. Simon Furman has really outdone himself. With a nod to Beast Wars and Marvel's TF #7, this is an outstanding read. Find a local comic retailer here, or order from IDW's store here.

dr-fan/mai-lover said,  - 2006-09-16 18:24:23
yah taht's-raigth the retun-of the maircmaster-one-time-only-form-idw-taht's the reaumoer-anway
Justin Campbell said,  - 2006-09-17 11:45:50
What do you mean by boring? I like Shockwave yes he is cold but I like him. He simply knows that he will be a better leader then Megatron no malice, no ego just logic.
Byrer prime said,  - 2006-09-17 19:45:01
Shockwave and Perceptor are two of my favorites. But compared to Grimlock or Jazz, most people would consider them boring. That's all I meant.
Justin Campbell said,  - 2006-09-17 21:16:03
I wasn't mad, I was just saying I don't think Shockwave is boring.
NicodemusLegend said,  - 2006-09-20 18:14:13
I've commented on this elsewhere, and apologize for the nitpicky nature of my correction, but the Marvel issue being homaged is issue #8, not issue #7. The events in this Spotlight issue are barely even referenced in Marvel TF #7, but the story is told in detail in Marvel TF #8.
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