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Nevermore at 2006-03-07 2:18 pm
They've been in stock at several online retailers for a few weeks, now they finally hit US retail! Allspark member Packrat reported the first sighting of wave 2, Beast Wars 10th Anniversary: Dinobot, Transmetal Rattrap and "Predacon Tarantulus" (renamed that way for trademark reasons) at a Target store in Las Vegas and posted a receipt photo here. These three toys come with the final parts you need for assembling Trans-Mutate.

The third (and presumably last) wave, which will feature all-new Deluxe-sized Optimus Primal and Megatron molds (on display at Toy Fair) come with miniature Axalon and Predacon ship models, slated to be released in May. Remember to post your own sightings of Rattrap here, sightings of Dinobot here and sightings of Tarantulus here!

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