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Brian at 2006-08-16 8:58 am
It's not earth-shattering, but I gave the reviews section an updated style, like the news section's.  Hope everyone likes it.  I plan to add a few more features in the near future.

Brian said,  - 2006-08-16 09:11:05
Also, it's not exactly a fair comparison, because a lot of these toys aren't out yet, but I noticed we had a lot more review activity back around Armada & Energon. What's the deal? (Maybe I'm imagining.) I know we haven't had fewer site visitors.

Have any favorite or least favorite Cybertron toys? We want to hear about them!
SighNoGoBotsMovie said,  - 2006-08-19 08:51:43
I don't really have a favorite or a least favorite figure, but I really do like the scout toys more than the larger scale ones. Maybe that has to do with the fact that I started in 84 with the minicars, and really thought they were the best. Perhaps they really need to come up with one scale at a reasonable price point for all of the lines. I can see Prime and Megs being more, but do we really need a giant missle carrier who in the show is the same size as two other teammates who are deluxe size in the toys?
Brian said,  - 2006-08-20 11:53:42
Dang, it's funny you say that. I have always tended to like Deluxe size better than other sizes. They seem like they're just the right amount of complexity and detail, and they fit in your hand just right. (I've considered collecting only Deluxes, but that never worked out.) I think one of my brothers, who shall remain unnamed, tends to go the bigger = better route. To each their own.
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