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Posted by:
Mighty Maximal at 2006-07-06 7:29 am
Hi, Folks.

I hope you will forgive me playing catch up here ; As mentioned below the Announcment Teaser for the Dreamworks Transformers movie is being shown on the Transformers Movie website and also can bee seen in front of the latest Pirate of the Carribean Movie - If however you want to have a version to keep it can be dowloaded here : HERE
Other news ; An image of Botcon Megatron has shown up on Ebay and was reported on the Allspark site HERE

Hasbro have just registered the name "Soundbite" this is expected to be for the very short Human Transformer in the Movie. and is a slight change from the previously muted name of Soundbyte which was initially stated. the detail can be found HERE

Lastly Some rumor of the late 2007/2008 Transformers cartoon has been stated on the news post at All the Rage if you wish to discuss it then a topic on the subject is HERE

Thanks for looking Mighty.Maximal

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