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Nevermore at 2006-02-11 4:58 pm
It's Toy Fair time! There's quite a lot of galleries available across the 'net, and thus far, it appears Hasbro had the following toy on display (everything in bold letters is a "mass public" premiere):
Cybertron Scouts: Lugnutz (Galaxy Force Roadstorm), Scrapmetal (GF "Ramble"), Repugnus (Undermine redeco) and Shortround (new Hasbro-only mold).
Cybertron Deluxes: Excellion (Hot Shot redeco), Override GTS (Override redeco), Skywarp (Thundercracker redeco), Unicron (new Hasbro-only mold) and "Armada Optimus Prime" (Armada Super-Con Optimus Prime redeco).
Cybertron Voyagers: Nemesis Breaker (Leobreaker redeco, GF Dark Ligerjack) and Soundwave (GF Soundwave).
Cybertron Ultras: Wing Saber (GF Sonic Bomber) and Sky Shadow (Jetfire redeco).
Cybertron Leaders: Metroplex (GF Megalo Convoy).
Cybertron Supremes: "Cybertron Primus" in Hasbro packaging.
Alternators: Optimus Prime and Mirage in full color.
Beast Wars 10th Anniversary: Rattrap, "Predacon Tarantulus", Dinobot and Optimus Primal and Megatron (the latter two are all-new molds).
Star Wars Transformers: Emperor Palpatine (Imperial Shuttle Tyderium), Clone Trooper (ARC-170 Fighter), Jango Fett (Slave I) and Chewbacca/Han Solo (Millennium Falcon).
Also the Transformers Titanium Series and the Attacktix, the latter of which which appear to be yet another crossover with Star Wars?!?

The following sites feature galleries from Toy Fair: TFW2005, TFormers, ASMzine and BWTF.

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