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Make Optimus Speak, contest winners anounced

Posted by:
Anonymous at 2006-11-10 11:21 am
Check out the official Transformers Live Movie website to see the winners of the Make Optimus Speak contest.  --I can't believe the entry that one.  It's nice and everything, but why something so unoriginal?  I really liked the, "Megatron, when I'm through with you, there won't be enough of you left to transform into a handgun."  line.  I'm also not a big fan of all the other lines that are taken straight from the original animated movie.  Why have him re-voice the same lines again?  If you want to hear Peter Cullen say, "One shall stand, one shall fall" or " Now all we need is a little energon and a lot of luck" throw in the new 20th Anniversary Edition DVD and call it a day.

Spekkio said,  - 2006-11-10 12:10:48
I agree - the line is lame. Especially since I've found out that it's somewhat inaccurate. "Sentient" only means "feeling." Cows are sentient. (I dunno about you, but I like hamburgers, so I'm not really keen on cow freedom.) "Sapient" means conscious - i.e. intelligent, self-aware - as most humans (and Transformers, Klingons, etc) are.

So yeah, agree 100%.
TriPredRavage said,  - 2006-11-10 14:33:20
That's a slaggin' bummer. I really liked the Handgun one, too. Heck, I'd have taken that Nacho one that someone put on here a few months back over a line he'd already have said. I liked "Its Prime Time" and the Alph Trion ones, too. Utterly (to keep with the Cow theme) disapointing.
Knightwing said,  - 2006-11-10 17:52:45
It's unfortunte that hollywood execs get to make these decisions. I was hoping for something orignal. Or at least mildly funny. Of the top ten I'd have to say "It's Prime time." is the best. But, I'd like something like "I'll be right behind you Bumble Bee. Just let me find my trailer."
Mr. Neil said,  - 2006-11-10 20:16:51
Yeah, I agree. LAME! The line that won is the very first line ever attributed to Optimus, which is the one that was printed along side the tech spec on the back of the stupid box!

I thought that a lot of the lines they had listed were a little corny. I wrote one that I thought was very appropriate. It was completely original, had a lot of feeling behind it, and it was totally something Prime would say. I would DIE in my seat if I went to see the Transformers movie and Prime said, "It's Prime time".

That's something Blaster would say.
Silverbolt said,  - 2006-11-10 21:47:25
Prime time is retarted. thats like saying the stupid line from the old school power rangers. ITS MORPHING TIME. LAME. prime time. uhg. a great leader with so much power and respect saying prime time.
Cybertronian Warrior said,  - 2006-11-10 22:59:16
I like that line: "Freedom is the right of all sentinent beings." Besides, that was the quote of the original Prime. You can see it on the toypix, 1984.
Mr. Neil said,  - 2006-11-11 01:43:50
Yeah, but if that's the one they're going to pick, then why did they even run the contest? It's a slap in the face to every single person who put any thought into their submission.
cjns said,  - 2006-11-11 01:56:52
I can see what everyone means. The problem is that they were probably going to stick that line in the movie ANYWAY! I agree with the handgun line though! :-)
draconis of nebulos said,  - 2006-11-11 05:40:37
I agree with everyone here: This particular line, though certainly classic and powerful, is definately lacking in any originality or creative flair. Oh well, what can you do...
On a somewhat related topic, has there been any news as to the voice casting of the other Transformers for the movie? If anyone has any buzz on that, it would be cool to hear! :)
heavy b said,  - 2006-11-11 12:40:56
im bummed that my line never made it in in the first place
PlasmaEnergyGod said,  - 2006-11-11 16:41:46
The line I chose to submit was: "You're old news Megatron. Outmoded, ready for the scrap heap! (Prime punches Megatron) Prepare to be... reformatted."
This contest was a waste of all of our time. Hopefully the actual film won't be.
dude851884 said,  - 2006-11-14 07:36:00
Well, now, let's be nice to the faker, I mean winner. heh heh. Alright what am I saying!? IT STINKS! BAD WINNER! BAD! I mean, what are the SLAGGING script writers for anyway? Making up dumb contests?
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