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Nevermore at 2006-07-19 5:56 am
Can you guess it? Yeah, that's right. MORE new toys out now in the USA. Triformis, a friend of TFW2005 mod Razerwire, found wave 1 of the (transforming) 6" Titanium Cybertron Heroes figures, namely War Within Optimus Prime and Megatron, at a Target store in San Jose, California. Receipt photos can be found here. As always, remember to report your own sightings of 6" Titanium War Within Optimus Prime and 6" Titanium Megatron.

Just to clarify, even though some places refer to the Megatron figure as "War Within Megatron", he obviously doesn't look anywhere close to the Megatron that was featured in Dreamwave's War Within comics. In fact, the bio on the toy's packaging ties his tank mode to Cobra (the villains from "G.I. Joe"), and according to artist Don Figueroa, who had a hand in designing the Titanium figures, Megatron was indeed supposed to be the one that appeared in one of those countless Transformers/G.I. Joe crossovers. Unfortunately, that Megatron transformed into a handgun, so basically, what we're dealing here with is "Megatron as he would have looked in one of the TF/G.I. Joe crossovers if that Megatron had transformed into a tank".

In other news, Entertainment Earth have updated their listing for wave 9 of the Cybertron Deluxe Class. The toy previously listed as "Optimus Prime" is now listed as "Optimus Primal" instead, which fits with other stores' listings. The question remains, though - will he and the Deluxe "Megatron" toy be straight repackages of the Beast Wars toys, repaints or even something else entirely?

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