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Nevermore at 2006-02-16 10:08 am
More Cybertron toys popping up in stores... TFW2005 member Deathy G1 reports having found Lugnutz from wave 6 of the Cybertron Scout Class toys at Super Target in Leesburg, Virginia, and backs it up with a receipt photo here. Furthermore, TFW2005 member Schnafe confirms having picked up not only Lugnutz, but also his case companion Scrapmetal at the Target store in Oro Valley, Arizona, backed up by a receipt photo which can be found here.

Lugnutz (known as "Roadstorm" in Galaxy Force) is based on a realistic-looking motorcycle, whereas Scrapmetal transforms into a red "spider"-like tank. However, unlike his Japanese counterpart, named "Ramble" (or "Rumble", although the name is spelled with an "a" in English on the Takara packaging), who was available in blue, red and yelow variations in equal numbers, the Hasbro version will only be available in red. There is a Hasbro-only repaint scheduled to come out later, but that one is not supposed to be based on any existing color schemes released by Takara.

Please remember to post your own sightings for Lugnutz here and for Scrapmetal here.

Coinciding with this, Hasbro have finally updated their website with new unlockable Cyber Key content for Swerve, Swindle, Lugnutz, Scrapmetal, Thunderblast, Brimstone, Crosswise, Downshift, Cybertron Defense Hot Shot, Dark Crumplezone, Cybertron Defense Scattorshot, Cybertron Defense Red Alert and Galvatron. In other words: At the current point of time, the Cyber Key codes for all toys currently officially available in stores are working. Enter your codes here and find out more about your toys and their characters!

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