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Nevermore at 2006-05-30 9:00 am
Anyone who wants to find out more about obscure variations of Transformers toys should check out TF-1, the new site by the Transformers fandom's toy detective no. 1, the one and only Maz.

Just as a few examples, the site features articles about the early European Transformers toys by Milton Bradley, including the previously elusive red (!) version of Tracks; a weird version of Optimus Prime with red feet (!), released by Ceji Revell; a rare Japanese repaint of Defensor named Guard City; and the original Japanese releases of Twincast and Soundblaster, including the rare Dinocassettes.

The latest articles cover an extremely rare black Diaclone version of Tracks which was only available in Finland (!), and Joustra's Diaclone version of Ligier (Mirage), including various other versions of the toy.

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