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Posted by:
Nevermore at 2006-09-14 4:07 pm
Okay, what should I report first? New toy out in the USA or new official Hasbro stock photos of upcoming toys?

Allspark member Mattstfgraveyard reports here having purchased the (presumably) last release from the Cybetron Voyager size class, Galaxy Force Vector Prime (gold repaint of the original Vector Prime toy) at a Super Wal*Mart store in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, and backs up his sighting with receipt photos.

As always, remember to report your own sightings of Cybertron Galaxy Force Vector Prime (which is not to be confused with Takara's Galaxy Force Vector Prime) here!

Meanwhile, TFW2005 have acquired new official Hasbro stock photos for two new upcoming Star Wars Transformers redecos, the first wave of the Legends assortment from the upcoming Classics line and a Cybertron bonus pack.

The SWTF Clone Pilot/ARC-170 Starfighter is a "tiger camo" repaint of the original SWTF Clone Pilot/ARC-170 Starfighter toy, including a new head/helmet, wheras SWTF Darth Vader/Sith Starfighter is a remold of the SWTF Obi-Wan Kenobi/Jedi Starfighter and Anakin Skywalker/Jedi Starfighter toys, once again with a new head sculpt (which is NOT the same used for the SWTF Darth Vader/TIE Advanced toy, even though the miniature Darth Vader pilot figure appears to be recycled).

Classic Legends Leo Prime is a repaint of Legends of Cybertron done as an homage to the Beast Wars II Lio Convoy toy (which only came out in Japan), Legends Trypticon is LoC Scourge in the colors of G1 Trypticon, Legends Perceptor is LoC Red Alert (based on the "Cybertron Defense" Red Alert sculpt) in the colors of G1 Perceptor, and Legends Fireflight is a repaint of LoC Jetfire that was supposed to be a G1 Powerglide homage, but the end result looks more like Marvel's Iron Man to me for some reason, and the "Powerglide" trademark was apparently not available to Hasbro so they went with the next best thing they got.

Lastly, there's Cybertron Metroplex with a "Bonus Value" pack containing Cybertron Clocker, which will presumably come out as a store exclusive of some sort, similar to Unicron with bonus Mini-Cons near the end of the Armada line or the shrinkwrapped Energon Deluxe two-packs.

Have a look at official Hasbro images of all those toys here at TFW2005.

TriPredRavage said,  - 2006-09-14 17:40:16
Are those LoC repaints legit!? I can't believe it! A repaint that is supposed to directly imply LioConvoy! And he finally has an American name! My buddies and I personally always called him Panthera Prime, Panthera Leo being the latin classification name for lions, but holy cow! I've been waiting for a name for him for forever!
yeay for leo prime
Wow... I didn't think it was possible for the Star wars 'formers to get any worse.
Nevermore said,  - 2006-09-15 04:43:50
"Are those LoC repaints legit!?" Unless Hasbro have suddenly started providing false preview images to online retailers, yes.
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