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Posted by:
Xavier6 at 2006-12-31 8:50 am
Many of us are Trans Fans. We will buy toys from any of the differant lines.  Even the bad ones. Some lines create bad copies of old TFs. A friend of mines kid bought a ripoff transformer on ebay. It fell apart very quickly. Always be carefull of what it is you are bidding on.  If you are bidding on  those packs with  Superion  or any of the other combiners be VERY CAREFUL. These packs are cheap nock offs. They serve one purpose to look good on your shelf.  They don't transform very well or even look that great sometimes.  This case is not always true tho.  Some of them and this is a rare few are not that bad.  When you search ebay make sure you ask lots of questions and check their stats.  Happy Bidding

TriPredRavage said,  - 2006-12-31 09:29:20
cyrax2112 said,  - 2006-12-31 09:47:55
That is so true. I got one of those Superion gift sets in an easter basket. The thing felt like it was made of thin ceramic. The parts didn't fit right, and some of the arms and such tended to fall off. But it looked great in the package. Remember: You get what you pay for. There's a reason the original G1 Superion goes for $100 - $200 on ebay.
Cristof said,  - 2006-12-31 11:18:02
I got the constructicon one. They looked great after adjusting the stickers for all being crooked and when I made Devestator hooks pivot joint broke but Devestator looks great on my shelf. (please don't touch)
Dai Atlas said,  - 2006-12-31 12:57:27
I got a cool Dai Atlus and he actually transformed pretty well. The only complaint is the micro master with him sucks its no painted and cant transform.
Overhaul said,  - 2006-12-31 15:02:53
Well, what do you expect? These things are pretty cheaply made.
I do have a couple of knock-offs myself, namely the knock-off Superion and Defensor sets. They really havn't fallen apart or anything, but I'm usually pretty gentle with my figures. But there are parts that needed to be trimmed or clipped with an exacto knife.
I compared my knock off Fire Flight with my broken genuine Hasbro one, and could tell the knockoff wasn't perfectly cast. It was a bit smaller, and slightly deformed. I assume they took an geniune set, and used that to make the molds for the knock-off.
Koss11 said,  - 2006-12-31 17:28:46
Yeah they are cheat, but they are toys you can play with and give to visitors who you don't want playing with your real collection. plus if you have the time, they are fun to customise.
Nevermore said,  - 2006-12-31 20:15:30
Ooooh, Fighterplnce. These guys have been around for a long time. Other KOs from the same "line" are Engineering (Constructicons), Waqonsoldier (Combaticons in Car Robots Valdigus colors), Fireeninebot (Protecrobots with a red Hot Spot and Groove with red wheels), Containercar (Stunticons with two Technobots replacing missing limbs), Dragonpearl (Terrorcons with the other two smaller Technobots replacing missing limbs) and the weirdest lineup of them all, Cosmonautics (Blitzwing in Diaclone colors, two members of the Japanese Multiforce/Landcross team, Broadside with red Decepticon stickers and Microamster Flattop using Broadside as his aircraft carrier).
Bass X said,  - 2006-12-31 21:53:14
Had the stunticon/technobot one. nosecone fell apart very easily. not worth the money no matter how cheap they are.
DanZ said,  - 2007-01-03 09:46:26
e-hobby also has some cool limited figurins although smaller.bought a master galavatron mini.(e-hobby) no cyber planet key nor weapons though.sorta like a mini collectible.
certain toys r cheaper from the dept store though.auctions you're paying extra for shipping and outrageous extra prices.
Chaos Bringer said,  - 2007-01-31 17:12:27
Gee, thanks for the warning as I was planning to buy some of these. Then again, a lot of comments on eBay say that the ones in giftboxes are extremely fragile and can break in your hands for no reason. I have also read about the micromasters being of poor quality but I have heard no complaints about the unofficial "World's Smallest Gestalts." Does anyone know if the tiny ones are as fragile? I would imagine so, but the sellers' feedback on these is rarely negative. Should I beware of these as well? Too bad Hasbro/Takara can't/won't just reissue them.
Eddo said,  - 2007-11-18 21:54:12
I bought the constructions set. I would rate it a 2/10. It's terribly cheap and there are decals and paint missing. It took about 2 hours to form devastator due to parts that were too tight to fit together or too loose. The only reason I could recommend this is for cheap replacement parts... even for that it's limited.
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