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Anonymous at 2002-07-07 10:04 am
* Thanks to The Heckels for making us aware of a great article by Corona Productions/ Coming Attractions, about (you guessed it!) "The TRANSFORMERS!" According to the article, "For years it's been nothing more than a fanboy's dream: to one day see a live-action Transformers movie unfold upon the silver screen. Well, that dream might have taken one big step towards becoming a reality..."
It seems as though a TF movie still has a lot of hurdles to cross before it can become a reality, but hey! ANY news of progress is GREAT news as far as we're concerned!
* Also be sure to check out pix of the TF:Armada issue #1 'holofoil' cover popping up all over e-bay.
* And Altered States Mag, has some great new updates from Wizard World Convention. You'll find spoiler pix of this years BotCon Exclusive: Cyclonus and The Hasbro booth w/ never before seen on the net Armada pix like Scavenger (an Autobot? w/ SWEET Constricticon colors!) Sideways w/ Mini-cons Crosswise and Rook, and Smokescreen and Lifter! Also first glimpse of upcoming cartoon clips!

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