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Anonymous at 2002-04-20 7:27 pm
It looks like there may be a couple of new toys added to the first wave Armada line. As seen in the up coming May issue of Previews catalog seen at 2005 Board, it looks like there may be a Super-Con (deluxe) sized Optimus Prime, a crane named Smokescreen with a minicon Tractor, and perhaps the previously named Sideways will be renamed Blurr because both of these Super-con sized toys were described as coming with "twin Minicons" although Sideways was described as a "bike" <-- assuming motorcycle and Blurr is described as a "Sleek Vehicle".
In the Minicon sets there will be a sports car team, an off road team, and what sounds to be a Space Exploration team added to the first wave toys we have already seen pics of.
There will also be another Max-con (Mega) sized toy added; a Construction vehicle Scavenger with an Offroad minicon Rollerbar.
In the Gigacon (Ultra) sized toys, although not listed in Previews, on Entertainment Earth they claim to have a two pack with Megatron and Jetfire. Jetfire was originally said to be part of the second wave coming out in November.

transformersloversurvive said,  - 2007-07-02 14:48:38
sideswipe is so funny he also appers on past part 1 when hotshot baby sits him and sideswipe in the armada seires calls hotshot bro that episode cracks me up
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