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Perceptor at 2002-07-26 7:41 pm
* reports that the voices of Armada Optimus Prime and Megatron are done by none other than Gary Chalk and David Kaye, who portrayed Optimus Primal and Megatron in Beast Wars/Machines! AWESOME! If you think of the timeline that'd be PERFECT! Since 1 million years ago G1 OP&Meg are in stasis lock aboard the Ark (not fighting a war w/ Mini-cons on Cybertron), we know Armada OP&Meg aren't the G1 individuals! And since the Armada storyline takes place on Earth in 2010, perhaps Armada OP&Meg are the individuals who become OpPrimal&Meg of Beast Wars/Machines 300 years from now in the 'great Maximal upgrade?' hmmmm! :)
* Surprise! 3H announces date/location of the next Botcon! It will be in Chicago, Illinois on the 25th, 26th, and 27th of July, 2003.
* Thanks largely to the good folks at, I have learned (my bros. are there, I'm not) the Botcon 2002 exclusives include Tap-Out & Glypy: re-color of Cliffjumper & Bumblebee keychains, Catscan: a recolor of Nightslash Cheetor & Cyclonus: a recolor of the Ultra Jetstorm figure. Each has been added to the Reviews Section. What do you think people? Share your thoughts and let the festivities begin!

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